More West Ham Fixtures Rearranged During Crucial Run In

Once again a raft of crucial West Ham United fixtures are due to be changed by Sky TV broadcasters, all four of Hammers' Premier League fixtures in April have been rearranged. The game away at Chelsea will now be shown on Sky Sports on Sunday the 8th of April, with a 4.30pm kick-off, however this fixture is subject to change should the Stamford Bridge outfit be in UEFA Champions League action the following Tuesday.

The home match against Stoke City has been moved to an 8pm kick off on Monday the 16th of April, and the following week on the 23rd of April the match against Arsenal has been switched to a Monday night 8pm slot,and if that is not enough of a disruption then Sky Sports have also decided to rearrange the home game against Manchester City which is now scheduled for Sunday the 29th of April at 2.15pm. However, as is the case with Chelsea this date is subject to change should Manchester City be scheduled to play in the UEFA Champions League the following Tuesday.

These changes, along with the being unable to play at home for the first four matches of the season fiasco, have meant the matchday experience for many fans, particularly those with young children who are after all the club's future life blood, has been less than enjoyable. Matches moved to a Sunday invariably mean those trying to arrive at The London Stadium via the Overground rail line invariably have to reroute using 'alternative means', furthermore moving a match from a 3pm kick off on a Saturday to an 8pm kick off on a monday means a large part of the home fan base are affected, let alone the poor souls from visiting clubs! Getting kids to and from the London Stadium on a school night is virtually impossible and therefore huge tracts of empty seats are noticeable which doesn't help with creating a hostile environment for visiting teams.

A quick glance at Hammers' fixtures will show that less than half of all home ties were played at the time and date originally set at the beginning of the season, in fact there have only been 5 home matches so far that have kicked off at 3pm on a Saturday with only 2 matches scheduled at home during March, as mentioned before no matches in April and just the 2 home matches in May. So all in all only nine games will have been played this season at the London Stadium that conform to 'normal' kick off times, no wonder that there is a 'discombobulation' of fans attempting to create an atmosphere when invariably the person next to them is someone who has purchased their ticket from ticket exchange or from Thomas Cook.

Fans were promised a unique matchday experience ahead of the move from the Boleyn Ground to the London Stadium, well it has been unique, where else would you get to see only half your home games at the proper time?
There is some interesting news about to break with regards to the London Stadium itself, and we shall bring it to you once all the 'legals' have been cleared. - Ed



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absolute joke! Crazy and personally hate Monday night football, have no chance of getting to the game :o(

Has the magazine WHEN SATURDAY COMES had a name change yet????

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What's happened to the postponed Manchester U home game too that was scheduled for March 18 which cannot now go ahead due to Manure's involvement in the FA Cup?

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SKY paid for TV rights and now they call the shots. It's happened in a lot of sports; it's called "flexible scheduling". In the NFL in the USA a match can be flexed even in the week before it's to be played, leaving fans having to rearrange busy schedules. Oh how I miss the days of predictable 3pm Saturday kick-offs with the occasional weekday night game.

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