Doomed-Fans Cannot Believe Moyes' Decision To Axe Adrian

Fans are aghast that David Moyes has chosen what is probably the most important game of the season to replace goal keeper Adrian San Miguel with England flop Joe Hart, admittedly Adrian has conceded four goals in each of his last two games.
Surely his defence or lack of it is mainly to blame, bringing back Joe Hart is a strange decision and one that shows a benign softness from the normally granite logic shown by Moyes, it is hardly a secret that Joe Hart is in the last chance saloon ahead of the FIFA World Cup finals in Russia, his form has been on a downward spiral since Pep Guardiola sent him on loan to Torino from Manchester City.

Right from the off things went badly when Hart turned up at The London Stadium, it is still difficult to come to any conclusion other than the fact that his abilities have waned and that his peak has been reached leaving only a downward progression such was his inadequacy in the early matches. It initially appeared that Hammers' had been thrown off kilter by having to play their first four games away from home but things did not improve even when the venue switched to the ironic London Stadium, the goals kept flowing, for the opposition!

It is difficult to arrive at any conclusion other than that Adrian has been made the fall guy for the recent 4-1 drubbings against Liverpool and Swansea, is Hart any better? Adrian is a firm crowd favourite despite the odd moment of madness and because of his popularity fans are very understanding when he concedes whereas they are not so sympathetic when it comes to Hart who many see as a mercenary who doesn't give a hoot about West Ham and it's fans. The latter might seem disingenuous but the truth is Hart is desperate to represent England again but faces stiff competition from all the young guns on the block, particularly Pickford. Hart would gladly have left during the transfer window to help his England cause had a move materialised but it didn't because David Moyes wanted to retain Hart's services.

This bold decision could come back to haunt David Moyes and if things don't go well it will do little to extend the temporary 'love in' that he experienced when the team had climbed from the relegation zone to a respectable 11th place before the recent poor run of results which sees Hammers right back in it! Hopefully the return of Angelo Ogbonna will offset the negativity surrounding Hart's selection, but the Burnley fowards will be licking their lips at the prospect of 'testing' a non match fit goal keeper, particularly one who's confidence will be brittle. Perhaps Hart's defence will be aware of his situation enough to NOT pass back to him all the time because that course of action will get the crowd on his back straight away, whether fans agree with his selection or not they are going to have to be at their most supportive if Hammers are to get anything from Sean Dyche's 'mildly arrogant' Burnley side. - Ed



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I wouldnt be that pessimistic about it ive long had the view that when you have 2 goalkeepers both vying for the top spot it might be no harm to rotate them on a regular basis ,i agree with you that the timing is suspect (world cup ) but when you play for one of the best teams in the world you dont become shite over night

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Burkie 1

I have to say if he does drop Adrian it's a big mistake regardless if hart makes a mistake or not.

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