It Never Rains But It Pours For Hammers As Lanzini Injured

Having been eulogised by none other than the incredible talent that is Lionel Messi, Manuel Lanzini scored for Argentina and looked to be having a great game until he pulled up with what was thought to be a thigh strain although later it was revealed that it could be Lanzini's troublesome hamstring that was the culprit, either way the news was met with a heavy heart by manager David Moyes as he tries to steer West Ham away from the relegation battle they have become mired in as a result of losing the last three fixtures by a three goal margin, culminating with the scenes of discontent at the London Stadium as Burnley ran out 3 - 0 winners.

The potential loss of Hammers' playmaker Lanzini cannot be underestimated, although there are those that say he hasn't looked the player he used to be ever since returning from his last lengthy spell out of the team with a hamstring injury. Admittedly he doesn't look as sharp and inventive, but that is probably more down to the team's overall lack of performance than just Lanzini himself, indeed he has given West Ham his vote of confidence for the future, which means he will probably be off to Liverpool when Klopp comes a hunting, after all with Courtinho gone Lanzini is an ideal replacement who has the added benefit of being 'premier league savvy'.

With the benefit of hindsight some of West Ham United's transfer activity has been bizarre to say the very least, it all started with the sale of James Tomkins to Palace and continued with various other departures of players who have never been replaced like for like, hence the total imbalance of the side when David Moyes took over from Slaven Billic. Many fans are angry at what they see as a lack of investment, but the real problem isn't so much lack of investment but rather very poor usage of the funding available, the classic example of which was to pay out £20 Million for Jose Fonte and Robert Snodgrass, 'Snoddy' is on loan at Villa with Hammers' still paying part of his wages and Fonte was sold at a £5 Million loss. That £20 Million and the commensurate wages involved could have paid for a certain Mr Carvalho o have arrived from Sporting!

There is a tendency for supporters to bury their heads in the sand when discussing the possibility of relegation, but that is what the club is facing, the really distinct possibility of relegation! What happens then? The London Stadium would be the biggest venue in the championship, the closest other being Villa with a 47,000 capacity, but then again helped by Snodgrass they may well end up leapfrogging Hammers as they get promoted.

For all those fans who feel helpless about the situation don't despair, just turn up for the remaining matches and get behind the team, it is very simple, give the players the best platform they can to dig out the results required, and then take action against the board if that is your predilection.

United we stand - Ed



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James Collins to Palace!? Had to do a quick check... phew

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Cant say ive been overwhelmed with Lanzini well not this year any way hes much to hit and miss for me ,nhe gets on the ball and shows what he's made of then drifts in and out of the game ,if he could be consistent like that game ?,cant think who now ,but he scored a brace and elbows scored one ,anyway i dont rekon he'll. Be a huge loss

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Burkie 1

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These pointless International friendlies are a blight on the game. There is no need for them. No need to force players to travel thousands of miles for a game of absolutely no significance or merit. Hope West Ham get some meaningful compensation for this so Sully can claim the tax back, but if we go down will we be compensated for having to sell one of our few good players.

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