David Attenborough

Rumour abounds that he will be at the stoke game Monday night as rumour has it that there may well be a sighting of that rare player gigantus titus or andus carrolus to we laymen...not often seen in its native surroundings and many thought it was extinct but after a sighting in Miami it is thought this brittle boned rarity has decided to settle in east London for the summer....hoping to catch an even rarer event of it actually being in its natural grassy habitat but most think it will be the wooded area of the bench it needs in order to stay safe.

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I got it from Gigantus titus :)

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Of the pub - the beer garden!!

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Unlike most other land and sea dwelling creatures, the plastic rings of beer cans are of no threat - in fact, the beast has been known to accumulate them in large numbers...

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…bang…..Carroll's head will soon grace the wall of the Great White Hunter's lounge. a real trophy alongside the wilder beast .

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Shittus Gibbonus....

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i can picture David Attenborough's doco on G. titus. "Here we have a particularly intriguing specimen. You see, the bones and muscles of the legs have atrophied, but up top, the nostrils have widened to vacuum up as much nutriment C as possible. And then there is that crowning glory: the "Ponytail". A shock of oily excrescence that is a true throwback to the stoned age."

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That's good Ashes

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impossible to read that without hearing attenboroughs voice lol

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Nice 1 ashes

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