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Last night Bayern and Real served up what can only be described as football on another planet ,sensational ,exquisite, a delight to the senses ,a billion light years away from what we are used to ,you could go on trying to find the right superlative to describe this match ,imo one of the best games ive seen ,i only hope the pooh and Roma serve up more of the same tonight ,i couldnt stop thinking how removed it was from our style of play ,maybe just maybe with the exception of 2 of our clubs ,man shifty and the pooh our type of game (head down and go ) or defend like fuk is sometimes fantastic to watch if only for the stiff competition for relegation places ,forget about wnning the dam thing that seems to be open to clubs with big bucks to spend ,im not criticizing our game ,indeed a lot of the time its exciting enough and with the exeption of this year pretty competitive, we're. used to it ,we were brought up on it ,the only thing it does show you is just how how they've hit on gold with this league evev when we did dominate it the writing was on the wall, English fans running riot in Europe although now it seems they are taking a leaf out of our book ,well the Russians the Italians the Dutch anyway ,back to last nights pleasure fest well done Real and bad luck Bayern keep playing this wonderfull type of football and your day will surley come

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i guess the problem is this: its fine for bayern and real to play 'great' football because they have the likes of Bale, Ronaldo, Modric etc. top, top players. Man c too, even Liverpool. But we don't, and unless we get new owners, we never will. 'But that doesnt stop you playing good football', I hear you say, I agree but with the exception of Bournemouth, does anyone from the top 7 down play good football? Its the old argument, good football or results. theres a perfectly good argument that you can still play good football, or approach it that way…but when your job is up for review after every 3 games, I'm guessing as a manager you would prefer just to get some points on the board, even if its boring draws. for me the real crimes are the mourinho and conte's defeatist approaches in big games….block the defence and take a point. look at the talent they have and yet they are too scared to lose for the sake of their ego's. Eddie Howe is an interesting one, he's one of those who's been a the club for ages, brought them up and in so doing he's had time. Dyche likewise. suddenly move them to another club say west ham, where they have no time to buy and build, only to get the best out of whats there, and you can see them getting sacked after 6 months, and slinking away into football oblivion ala Paul Jewel. the real culprit here is the money Burkie. everyone is in it for the money - the players, the owners, the managers and its all dog eat dog. managers are under silly pressure to simply stay in the league, no owner will offer them the chance of a 3 year certain contract with guarantees that they can take their time and build. Theres also way too much credit given to managers at the big clubs. the Pep love fest, this constant clamour for pundits and media to tell us about the man's genius…genius? even allardyce could probably win the league with that squad…he's not done anything, he's not built a team - he's bought a team, he's not brought city from obscurity to the title ala ranieri, yet no one speaks of him anymore…its all become a sad, butt licking big club parade.

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Spot on dicksy,any muppet can buy a team and win things like to see pep win things with us

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if you think player slipping over rolling around with cramp and the other side demanding ball being put out of play as it could be a serious injury something worth watching its a no ty from me...get fed up with all the theatrics going on nowadays so I shall not be watching the roma game tonight just to see how many times they will be diving for pens most of the evening....European football mmmm no thanks

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pretty much says it all for me, too.

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Over here we have 2 games under the same umbrella organisation., the GAA ,Gallic Athletic Association, one is Gaillic football and the other is Hurling ,every county has its preference and kinda sticks to one or the other ,my point being ?you ask ,well if your a hurling county you think football is a second rate game and not a patch on hurling and you think the same about hurling if your a foot balling county , i was simply sayiing that particular game on Teusday night was one of the best games i've ever seen the way you view continental football is all to do with where you were raised ,indoctrination for want of a better phrase we maintane the premiership is the best league in the world yet the thousands who pack the Bernabue ,Camp Nua and the Olympic stadium in Rome would disagree my preference would of course be the prem its what I've grown up with but you can clearly see the Europian style coming into our game ,Man shitty and also to a lesser extent the the scouse gits

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