Curse of England Can Win the WC

So newly installed captain of perennial failures England has stated that England can win the WC in Russia. Clearly yet another footballer thick as two short planks who doesn't follow England's football history too well. Every major championship someone or other from the squad comes out and says they can win, forgetting one simple fact. They won't!! The total lack of backbone these prima donnas have and belief that they're the best player in their preferred position is constantly exposed when they set foot on the pitch. I'm looking forward to yet another fall, probably at the group stage, but just maybe the quarters. After that Mr K will be trotting out the already lined up excuses that I believe are part of the England Captain's drafted quotes. Let's just hope he can read!!

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we need a winter break the players are tired etc etc.....whilst I applaud southgate for making some "brave decisions" in the squad I forsee disaster ahead....Ali will get sent off that's a given playing one upfront will win us nothing and although I think we will get out of the group it will be Germany in the quarters and there our tournament ends!

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Im still waiting for hodgson to explain the last world cup disaster.

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I can help you with that dicks. "We were crap" any other explanation needed for England failure feel free to ask anytime.

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I am old enough to remember 1966 when West Ham won the World Cup as a 13 year old and luck played a role in it as Jimmy Greaves was replaced by Geoff Hurst for the final. Not many changes were made leading up to the tournament and we were unbeaten in 6 matches with only an odd change here or there. Alf Ramsey kept to a system and played his players where they played at club level. He kept it simple and the players knew how he wanted them to play (as they did for their clubs).
Southgate knows what he wants but unfortunately the players have been rotated so much we do not have a settled team with one game left before the tournament starts. Close to it, probably closer that previous teams but not good enough as the second half against Nigeria showed when they countered and pressed outplaying us and Southgate failed to respond leading to a Nigeria goal and against a team like Germany a probable defeat and quick exit yet again. (I am assuming we will meet Germany in last 16)

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