Arnie Will Be Back-But Not Against The Dons In The Elk Cup!

Manuel Pellegrini is not taking the game against AFC Wimbledon lightly and has already stated he will field a 'full strength' side for Tuesday night's live on Sky broadcast, however that side will not include Marko Arnoutovic who Pellegrini has confirmed as having a 'slight' hamstring injury incurred during the match against Arsenal, the injury will rule the Hammer of the Year out of the Cup match but the club are hopeful of his return for the vital home game against Wolves this coming weekend.

Pellegrini is correct in saying that he will field a full strength team because for the first time in a good few years it will be possible to put out a really decent 'B' Team that is a very capable one, moreover it gives the opportunity for the manager to have a look at certain fringe players while still fielding a strong team. Of course the match will be played out under the floodlights and on TV, with the broadcaster obviously hoping for a 'giant killing'.

El Pel is a wiley old fox and has navigated the Cup David and Goliath situation on numerous occasions, but there is always the chance of an upset, a situation that he will obviously be intent on avoiding, therefore expect him to really go for the result, it is too early in the season for any player to complain of tiredness or fatigue so this match should be a very useful barometer of who has it and who hasn't.

Antonio also picked up an injury during the Arsenal match, apparently he 'tweaked' something, this is worrying as he has only recently returned from an operation to repair a long term troublesome groin injury. Pellegrini has plenty of options when it comes to his team selection, and despite the fact that there could be a Cup at the 'end of the rainbow', will be able to 'experiment' a little with regards to who he selects.

One thing that is for sure is that he won't abandon his mantra of attacking football, it could be a bumpy ride, but for some reason despite the three losses so far, there appears to be a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel, or is at the beginning of the rainbow? - Ed



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but i wouldn't mind a "W".

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why it's on sky??? they expect an upset , COYI

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Of course they do, and let's face it an upset could be on the cards, West Ham might win!

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I hate to say it but there's big problems with Ant I think he's become injury prone ,I'm sure he has a problem with his fitness ,after every run he looks like he could do with an Oxygen mask

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Burkie 1

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He needs to learn how to breathe through his nose instead of his arse!

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