Transfer conundrum

Yes the silly season is upon us with rumour after rumour but one i found funny and seems contradictory is the Loftus Cheek one...Allegedly we and Palace are after him us with a Loan to permanent deal which apparently Chelski are open too(dont they see how good he is?)but in the next breath chelski looking to buy Callum Wilson for £30million(striker i have always rated even when in lower divisions)as they are WORRIED about the number of English players they need in the squad for european and domestic competitions! why would they want shot of Loftus Cheek and Moses? makes no sense at all

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I agree I can't see them getting shot of L C ,great potential

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Burkie 1

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or is he English with Nigerian grandparents so qualifies to play for them...unsure but think i may be right

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i think you are right

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