Talk About The Pot Calling The Kettle Black Collymore Incensed

That paragon of virtue Stan Collymore has briefly come down from his seat high up on Mount Olympus in order to chuck his two pennies worth regarding the price charged by West Ham for match day mascots. No one emerges with much credit from the situation, least of all West Ham, but for a well known beater of women to come out spouting such hypocrisy beggars belief!

Apparently Collymore has been left incensed by Matchday Mascot charges thinks it's all wrong. He lamented to one of the Sunday red tops "For clubs to charge any amount for young supporters to be their mascot is a disgrace - and the £700 charged by West Ham and £600 by Leicester is obscene, It's something I've railed against for years now and the new figures which came to light last week just go to show there is no shame at clubs despite the millions and billions they are earning."

Well, there we have it, if the club needs advice on how to do the decent thing they know exactly who to get in touch with don't they, after all Collymore is such a shining light who's actions clearly make him a person that youngsters should look up to, shouldn't they?

Get of your soapbox Stan, and have a look closer to home before passing judgement on others. -Ed



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Love this... from Talks****:

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If he isn’t a nobody he gets damned close. On the subject of charging parents for their child to be a match day mascot I don’t see what the fuss is about. I don’t know anybody who ever had the honor and I never did either. So what? Nothing to see here. There are more important things to worry about and plenty of them.

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