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Rarely do we ever deviate from football, however recently there has been a dramatic increase in Scam phone calls. A while back it was a people posing as Talk Talk operatives, they have now moved on to posing as BT operatives. Any reader who has elderly relatives should speak with them and ensure that they are not taken in. The calls begin with someone saying there is a problem with your router, they then try to get the recipient to disclose their details using quite clever subdiffusion. Bt are investigating this latest surge but advise people to look after those who may not understand how clever these scammers can be.

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Well said Nev , we're plagued with them over here as well , you'd think ," how can people get caught with these bastards " but it's a simple thing as the law of averages ,take into account the population and it's a racing cert some people are going to get clobard

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sad state of affairs. having spent much of my life in West Africa, I can tell you just how rife phone, internet and text scams are today. Ive had everything from the 'we filmed you on your webcam…' to death threats via text all demanding money one way or the other. time this scum were shut down.

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They will try anything,being in the building game every day I get emails asking me to look at "plans" for extensions etc...I know it's difficult for elderly people but my advice is ignore if possible or put the phone down

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0171 550 8708 is one of the numbers they use, we are going to keep uploading nuisance numbers, particularly their prefix in order that the information can be passed on to those who might be vulnerable.

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Daily i have to deal with these chancers but fortunately you can get calls blocked and also have the calls recorded by your phone operator with permission that does stop 95% of the bogus calls immediately of course you still get the chancers and our advice is for the person being called to simply put the phone down and not engage with the caller in anyway....let me or one of my colleagues deal with it....on a personal note i have a home phone that i never use so nothing connected and my mobile phone only my friends and family have my number i use another number when contacting anyone else for work for use when calling and enquiring about anything to any is surprising to see how many missed calls i get on that number....

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they are smarter than that. Recent case of them watching the Virgin Media support twitter account. Someone posted that they had a problem and shortly afterwards the person rang to fix it.

Was a scam since they wanted their credit card details. In this case, it could appear to be real. Luckily in that case they, tried to scam someone who works in security and is somewhat an expert in that case. Unknown if others were affected.

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Scumbags! I hope they get done by the law

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