The sulk

What's the latest on his injury ? Not that I'm too pushed any more just can't see who's goin to pop the ball in Onion net now

Just like his ego mate!!

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If it is his fault the club is on a downward spiral he's got a lot to answer for

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Burkie 1

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bruised foot,and he's walking around with a frankinstien boot on,get it strapped up and get him to play ffs,i used to still go a work with half me spine in a bucket,and on less money ;)

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Nice 1 stan...see that earlier fu*king great boot he had on,he's got bruising not a broken leg...effing diva he is!!;)

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I think he needs an operation to get his head surgically removed from right up his jaxy!!!!!

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i mean its not like he has something serious like MAN FLU

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aye, hes moaning like a woman he is.

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He would be on his last legs!!

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