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After seeing yesterdays farcical situation when chelskis GK refused too be subbed and the manager exploding with rage you have to ask has player power gone too far? of course it has with players holding clubs to ransom and then refusing to play if they dont believe in the managers philosophy which normally means they aint getting picked so they spit the dummy...Sarri has had his legs chopped off yesterday by backing down and letting the player stay on the can he continue after the world saw that...moanrino has form for it but players shown they are prepared too down tools unless they get there way Puel by dropping vardy was only going to end one way with the player openly questioning the manager and he too has paid the price with a string of bad results and the players again not buying into what the manager wants.
Sarri by letting the GK stay on undermined his own position he is the Boss what he says goes and any respect players may of had for him is gone....

Full of petulant overpaid posers...there was a time when I'd watch as many games as possible not nowadays,that act of petulance yesterday will be front page news & no mention of the footie at all.i rarely even watch westham now,everything's changed so much,you watch there will be young kids refusing to be subbed in park games soon!!

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Well said 65,Sarri should of walked onto the pitch,stopped the game some how,as this will get worse,even down to schoolboys as you say.Clubs will become unmanageable,it is seriously killing the game.

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I agree except with Puel. for me the man is just ridiculous. when all is said and done, Vardy is a great goal scorer and to set up in a system that doesn't suit him, or that he doesn't even try to suit seems really bizarre. why can't he play to his strengths? add to this his ridiculous idea of throwing the cups away for Leicester, then time to go Claude.

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i dont think its the first time and not the last that we see shear player power. City had Tevez refusing to come off the bench in a Euro match, we had Payet which is much the same demanding a move. These over paid petulant posers are ALL the same. Would love any club to sack the next one and all other clubs to stand as one by not allowing said player in the same league. That said, our own club was happy to the take the then outcast Paolo Di Canio at a cut down price.

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Remember at the time thinking it's bonkers signing him,11 match ban for pushing the ref!!but even though a maverick, what a player!!

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totally agree 65, but recall ol' Twitcher saying we could never afford him at the real value :o(

How things have changed Wednesday V WHU :o)

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I did feel embarrassed for sarri,i mean fancy getting ya willy out to be told to put it away ;)

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