Reid And Weep Players To Learn Their Fate After 'Summit'

With several high profile departures on the cards, speculation is looming that some of those scheduled for 'scrutiny' may include Jack Wilshere among others. Andy Carroll's contract runs out in a couple of weeks and of course the club will not be taking up their option to extend his contract, once bitten, twice shy, or in Big Andy's case one hundred times bitten!

Having been through the 'Andy Carroll experience', the club are now very wary of signing players who have the potential to aggravate long term injuries. The signings of Andrily Yarmolenko and Jack Wilshere were both made in an effort to get maximum 'bang for the bucks', Wilshere arrived on a free transfer and Yarmolenko for a relatively knock down £17.5 Million, however the combined cost in wages is most definitely considerable and has prompted the board and the management to reconsider future transfer guide lines.

Primarily while signing a particularly gifted player in his prime is still on the cards, the signing of older players is to be generally avoided, the idea being young home grown players who have a determination to succeed are a far better investment than players looking for a final pay day. In the past West Ham have paid good money in wages, higher than most outside the top four, but to players with little or no sell on value, the reason being the absolute fear of relegation that has permeated the club since the move to the London Stadium from the Boleyn.

The appointment of Manuel Pellegrini did much to appease disgruntled fans, the fact that he was sufficiently bank rolled was a massive bonus, although he would never have taken up the reins had the funding not been in place! In Pellegrini West Ham have finally got a 'proper' manager, one of his prime attributes being his ability to create a team that plays attractive and ultimately successful football with a combination of youth and experience. The club at last has a manager self confident and brave enough to use young players, Pelle has already installed Declan Rice as his 'main man' in the centre of the Park, he has also introduced Diangana, Coventry and Powell to the first team with others ready to follow.

The West Ham team that starts next season will be different, and rumour has it that Hammers may send Jack Wilshere out on loan at the beginning of the season if he is unable to compete for a first team spot, Jack's signing was the only high profile failure by Pellegrini and Mario Husillos, it is to be hoped that they don't make the same mistake as the board did with Andy Carroll and are not 'blinded' by the player's potential as opposed to reality.

Winston Reid has not represented the club at all this season, and his 'injury seems to just add to those he had the season before, he is on good money so getting him off the books won't be easy although there will probably some clubs willing to take a risk. The five year deal he was handed was indicative of the paranoia that surrounded the club at the time, the result of not having a 'proper' manager, if there had been one in place he wouldn't have been bothered about selling Reid so long as he was sold for decent money, no one player is bigger than the club, that is Manuel Pellegrini's ethos, and long may it continue. - Ed



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Well blimey,it's started to happen already arsewipe players not good enough to get in our side ;)

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He should go if we can get rid....a good defender but his injury record and age must now count against him...and i am pretty sure we will see a few surprise departures because a year on from taking over i am damn well sure El Pel knows who he wants and who he does not regardless of what he says to the media.

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It amazes me how a lot of people, ignore yarmalenko as a injury prone player, but jump all over Wiltshire ,

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Got to say he showed real signs of class against the spuds

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Burkie 1

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