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The Cups here and West Ham are live on BT sport tomorrow no prizes for guessing why now!! so can i please implore Mr Moyes to put out a strong side and those players picked to put in the effort and banish the recent cup horror shows that have made us the number one pick for the TV channels and supporter of lower league clubs because of our frailty. I want tomorrows game to be a one sided hammering but in our favour this time:-)and i have more than usual invested in this game having just got my nails done and i do not want to be chewing them off because of the teams display! COYI make us proud.

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Can it? and back to the nail bar on monday i think Hammergirl as West Ham rarely take the easy option now.....i think we will win but it'll be close so for me 1-2 COYI

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I've just been for a back, sack and crack in readiness to celebrate mid game on the centre circle, got to look my best...........In homage to a freezing cold night at Upton Park in 1979 against Camb Utd on Dec 21st. When a maniac popped out from the West side out to the spot with his nudger and bare arse on show at HT dancing to Mike Oldfields Portsmouth....

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Just covered exactly the same topic in today's leader, you can bet your newly done nails that BT would not have booked it had they known Moyes was going to be in charge! They were expecting Pelle being pushed around in his wheel chair, or is that with his 'wilshere'?

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