Nobody Knows FA Really!

How long is a piece of string? No matter what you think, the answer is nobody knows, except that it is the same length at both ends! The will they won't they stance regarding the completion of the Barclays Premier League, the EFL, the Champion's League, the Europa Cup and all of Europe's domestic cup and league competitions has created more questions than answers. With the best will in the World, but also with a keen eye of football's enormous finances, the footballing powers have almost unanimously agreed that this season must be brought to a conclusion on order to avoid massive claims for refunds by those companies, Sky and BT TV and a host of other Global territories.

The desire is there to fulfil the final games in order to finish the season off, by cancelling Euro 2020 the football authorities have created the window of opportunity' to play games way past when they would have been played, however the caveat is the matches will only be able to proceed even behind closed doors until and when the 'Tango' virus Covid 19 has dissipated enough for players and officials to risk being in the same proximity.

Of course 'Lady Brady' put her size nines in it by prematurely calling for the season to be null and void, a request that was generally seen as correct but also extremely pernicious given Hammers' precarious league position of being just above the relegation slots only on goal difference! Despite Brady's complete lack of grace, there is a general feeling among club's hierarchies that she will eventually proved to be correct. Part of the group tasked with trying to reconfigure the European season told the assembled media that unless teams start training again by the beginning of May, it would be "difficult" to complete the season.

Given England went from hosting 3,000 Atletico Madrid fans in Liverpool to having its entire school system closed down within the space of a week and Prime Minister Boris Johnson has warned of "further and faster measures" being possible, there is simply no guarantee about professional football being played at any point in the near future. Without that, there remains the distinct possibility for Brady's assessment to become reality, although so too is the possibility of the season being declared over on the 30th of June or the campaign being extended into July and beyond.

As not even the experts have any real idea as to when the Virus will subside, or as to when, if ever, they can come up with a serum to prevent it, it seems likely that despite their best intentions football authorities around the globe will have to come up with alternatives that limit the damage caused by the non completion of tournaments and competitions. The idea of adding two teams to the Barclays Premier League has been mooted but what about the teams in the play off places?

These are unique and troubled times, people deprived of their 'sports fix'go stir crazy, perhaps there could be a new 'League of greedy bastards' created using the number plates of all those stocking their 4 x 4's up with anything they can possibly buy in the supermarkets? It could be called the ANPROGB (automatic number plate recognition of greedy bastards league) League.

Football as we knew it 'ain't gonna be back' for some considerable amount of time, no one knows FA really ! Be safe and stay lucky - Ed



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Its that when/if they do start playing again to "finish" the season just how false the results will be...Granted the bindippers will win the league come what may but down at our end of the table it will be like a whole new season as players will not be match fit and teams out of form will of had a break and chance to recharge and go again whilst those showing a bit of form suddenly stopped dead in there tracks and that will not reflect the season as it was panning out and makes a mockery of the league....And call me a cynic but say you have a key player out that just needs an extra week or two to be available for crunch match whats to stop the player/club claiming the covid19 virus so have to self isolate for those two weeks to be sure then resuming with that player then say naaa it would not happen but when it comes to money we know it talks so clubs will try anything not to lose out

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IF big if games commence,guarantee you we'll get relegated after shady's comments, everything this club does comes back to bite us on the arse.

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Make you right there moore6,this lay off wont of benefitted us,if anything we will of lost any direction we could of had,and will play like a team thats just met up,with their boots draped over their shoulders.

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