Behind 'Er' Indoors PL Push

Such is the fear of fiscal meltdown due to Corona Virus 19, that football authorities througout the globe are looking at any and every option to ensure their respective seasons can be brought to fruition. The implications are enormous, they are particularly focusing attention in England due to the massive TV and rights deals that are applicable both nationally and internationally, in excess of £5,000,000,000 is at stake and no one wants to be onthe losing end of any negotiated settlement.

Such is and was the global pulling power of the Barclays Premier League, that vast support industries have grown alongside the 'main beast', consequently the fall out of football being cancelled is far and wide, significantly impacting the livelyhoods of many people apart from the viewing masses. However, there are invariably some positives thrown up by such a blanket of despair, one of which is the high number of unusually 'generous' offers being offered by the Bookies in order to kick start a business that has almost 'died on it's backside', there are a plethora of deals on offer, betting metrics being one of the providers who can offer extremely good sign ons, which if used intelligently can be very lucrative.

In order to finalise this season, the powers that be are looking to get domestic leagues completed during the 'window' that was created by the postponement by one year of the Euro 2020 football competition, the practicality of staging remaining domestic matches during that window is still mind boggling with all sorts of daft suggestions. The reality is that in order for games to be finished within the new time frame, it will be neccassary to have one match played virtually every day for three weeks BEHIND CLOSED DOORS! Obviously not an ideal situation, but there is little if no choice, the ramifications of curtailing the season as it is particularly the financial aspects, are such that the season HAS to be brought to fruition, otherwise the legal and litigational aspects of the situation will explode.

It was perhaps inevitable that one day 'the monster' that the Barclays Premier League and the Elite European cup competitions created would 'eat itself'. Many people were already under the impression that money had overtaken perspectives, and that for the good of the game there needed to be a rebalance of football finances with more assistance for grass roots development, well who knows what will eventually transpire, but that old adage "be careful what you wish for" does spring to mind.

If you think the situation is bad enough for West Ham United, then spare a thought for poor old Daniel Levy, as he looks on what is his massive, empty, and perpetual drain on his club's resources newly built stadium. Sometimes renting is better,ask anyone who lost their shirt by owning property in the late eighties!

The stake holders of the Barclays Premier League and those of the Championship will push for the final matches to be played 'er indoors' because they have no other option, but even if they do complete the season, what about the play offs and player's contracts that were going to expire or be up for renewal?- Ed



surely the best action would be third place gets promoted

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I don't see how we can ever recover unless all footballers stop gobbing everywhere.......

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