Commentators Worst Nightmare Could Make Hammers Debut

Just around the time that 'Motty' has decided he only has one season left in him, not bad for a pensioner, a new breed of commentators might just have to begin getting to grips with getting their lips around how to pronounce West Ham's new wonder kid Sead Haksabanovic's name? It is phonetically pronounced sayad haskerbankovitch, but will do wonders for Paul Merson's mental development among others should they need to be commenting on future games featuring West Ham.

Injuries to Andre Ayew, Edmilison Fernadez and more importantly Manuel Lanzini mean that Hammers lack the spark to unlock Premier League defences without their new talisman nick named the little jewel. Robert Snodgrass had been panic purchased to try and cover the snake known as Dimitri Payet's departure, a role that should have instantly been given to Lanzini, that decision alone cost at least a £10 Million hit and still counting, ouch! but at least not on an Arsene 'he who knows best' scale at Arsenal.

Sead Haksabanovic is a boy who grew up playing in a man's game, comparisons with Manchester United's and now Everton's Wayne Rooney, except the whoring, hair loss and womanising, have already been made about Haksabanovic. Although relatively slight of frame he is a handful for opposition, and above all initially he will be an unknown quantity for midfielders and defenders to contend with, OK they can all look on You Tube, but as we all know You Tube is a very fickle beast when it comes to portraying the truth sometimes!

There is a gap that needs to be filled, the boy doesn't need molly coddling why not throw him in? After all he is not English so he must be good mustn't he? - Ed



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Dont think you need worry that pretty little head of yours Nev his loan deal to Doncaster rovers or Rochdale or any where north of the Watford gap is imminent

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Burkie 1

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wouldnt it be good to see oxford, rice, saed and martinez on the bench? you could still have three old pros on there too. young players have energy, hunger and imo would be chomping at the bit to get in the action.

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but sadly i just dont see bilic doing that with his job in jeopardy....unless he wakes up realises he will be gone no matter what happens and thinks f**k it i am gonna give some of the youngsters a chance

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Something in the vein of Fergie and his fledglings over 20 years ago...and haven't they all done very well for themselves. If only todays players could realise it takes a team effort to make great champions in football. Their pockets would then line themselves...$ $ $ $ $ $ $ $

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Would be nice,maybe see em,for the Bolton game,less oxford

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