Hogan Hammers Hero?

Back in the day there was a TV series called Hogan's Heroes in which a ramshackle bunch of P.O.W's led by Captain Hogan, including an appalling Dick Van Dyke sound alike 'cockerney', rang rings round ze germans, one of which named Schultz would famously say "I saw nothing!"when outfoxed by the cheeky chappies. Fast track to the present day, and the entertainment known as the Barclays Premier League transfer window, in this particular episode Hogan rides to the rescue of West Ham United, a team sadly lacking goals. Despite initially having five strikers at his disposal, Hammers manager Slaven Billic has seen only THREE league goals scored by the whole lot of them, so obviously something had to be done. Callierri and Zaza will be off during the window, leaving space for what would be a tremendously brave and risky signing that could prove to be inspired or a total disaster, namely the £15 Million signing of 24 year old Scott Hogan from Brentford. Having had their fingers severely burned by signing Andy Carroll for a then club record from Liverpool, it is somewhat surprising that the West Ham hierarchy are willing to countenance signing another injury prone player. Although Hogan's injury record is not as bad as Carroll's, it doesn't make very good reading and the player hasn't really played many top flight games at all, his potential arrival goes to show just how desperate things have got at the London Stadium but what else can be done? A quick glance at the League table shows this weekend's visitors Crystal Palace as uncomfortably close despite having shelled out a fortune on players and wages during the summer, so spending big is not necessarily the way forward, but as it is essential to retain Premier League status West Ham have no option other than paying over the odds for a couple of new players now. The financial loss associated with relegation would be totally catastrophic, so the co-owners will dig deep, they have to! Should the deal go through, and there is no reason to assume it won't, Hogan will have a massive weight on his shoulders from the off, the need to score goals and to justify what will be a very over hyped fee could strangle the player's natural ability, but it is seen as a risk worth taking.
Reports suggest that Hogan will have his medical this friday, which is of course friday the thirteenth ......
Perhaps the club should wait until Saturday or Sunday given the appalling bad luck the club has experienced with new signings! - Ed



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his two acl injuries because you can bet your bottom dollar that the moment he signs he will get a knock in training and be out to 2018!! I mean if they worried about buying Charlie Austin because of history of knee problems what so different this time around?

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This is the reason Payet along with many false promises pre-season, that he probably wants out...top six, 60,000 stadium, then grubbing around the lower leagues for untried (premiere level) players.Dig deep and show your intent SuGo, and stop wheeler dealing loans and untried premiere standard flotsam.

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Hulk Hogan will rip through defences like t-shirts.

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