Sell Out Or Sold Out Seat Mystery For Chelsea Match

A night under the lights with bubbles being sung at full chaff is a mighty experience, it stays with you all your life. Hammers move from the much beloved Boleyn Ground to the London Stadium has been fraught with problems but they seem to have been resolved more or less, and it is worth remembering that whilst the atmosphere at the Boleyn was incredible, less can be said for the 'facilities' provided for supporters which were spartan at the very least. The match day experience at the London Stadium is a completely different beast, the sight lines are superb for almost all supporters and the facilities excellent beyond expectations.
Some people might enjoy gambling with bingo sites such as or games such as online poker on their favourite online casinos, but whether you are a fan of bingo sites, casino games or sports, you just have to admire the dedication of those that go above and beyond to get tickets for the love of the game. There are fans traveling from around Europe and further, not just from the UK for tonight's much anticipated London derby between West Ham and Chelsea, and although the previous meeting of the teams at the London Stadium was marred by crowd trouble the game is completely sold out! Or is it? There are at least 40 seats in the Sir Trevor Brooking Stand upper that to our knowledge have never ever had anyone sitting in them, they were part of the 'grey area' before the season ticket scramble finished and were made available as part of an extra 3000 seats that mysteriously appeared. The 40 seats we are talking about are located where the matchday camera used to be set up, however the camera was moved due to the fact that it was too close to where the away fans are, the camera is now situated where the home fans are. The vacant seats may not be much of an issue, but of more concern is the amount of seats close to the vacant seats that are clearly not occupied by season ticket holders but 'tourists' from other clubs, this was clearly highlighted by the amount of Japanese tourists who cheered on Manchester United's second unjust goal! Well meaning if ill informed Japanese tourists are one thing, but theses seats might well end up in the hands of less well meaning people, especially given the proximity to the away fans section, it is only a hop and a jump!
Hopefully things won't get out of hand and the football can do all the talking, but we fear in trying to ensure maximum season ticket sales ahead of the move that some anomalies were allowed to get through undetected. - Ed



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Excellent facilities? Do me a favour. The Boleyn werent perfect by a long chalk but get over exagerrating the erm...merits of the makeshift football stadium, purlease

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Sight lines-superb!not from where ive sat it isnt unless you have for the facilities,i suppose if you like popcorn its ok...the boleyn has gone & stratford is what we have now,but imo you cant compare the two!!

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