Will Moyes Have The Cojones To Replace Hart With Adrian? (pt1)

Will new West Ham United manager have free rein over his goal keeping selection? Rumour has it that part of the deal that brought Joe Hart from all conquering Manchester City to the London Stadium was that he had to play every Premier League match unless he was injured, with the exception of the two matches against his parent club which under archaic FA rules he is not allowed to play. If allowed, which is the subject of some conjecture, does David Moyes have the Cojones to replace Joe Hart with fans favourite Adrian San Miguel?

Keeping clean sheets and 'starting from the back' are age old football euthanisms for players putting in a shift, what they may lack in quality will be forgiven by their loyal and mostly long suffering fans, if the team play as if THEIR entire weekend or next week is destroyed because the team they supported through thick and thin, that they pay good money to see, the side that they bring their kids to see, the side that was promised to be the one that was going to another level, the side that however has so woefully under performed actually didn't try to go that extra yard or two, how would they feel?

If they have decency within them, which most probably do, the West Ham players will be only too aware that they have under performed and let their out going manager down badly, there has been much talk about Slaven's laid back style and easy going routine during training, but surely these 'gozonxiously' over paid professionals would have pride in themselves to a point where they themselves would instigate further training! West Ham legend Paolo Di Canio and Manchester United legend David Beckham were always there at the end of training when every one else had gone off to the bookies or their local lap dance establishments, Beckham and Di Canio weren't content to just be, they wanted to be the best!

David Moyes has the 'mini luxury' of an away game as his first, he can slightly experiment but at least try to ensure his team stop shipping goals, does he give Hart the start or Adrian? Statistically there is little to choose between the two, bur Adrian is adored by the fans, his presence as the starting keeper against Leicester City at the London Stadium would engender a much better atmosphere, even if the ball is past back to him with the same frequency as it has been to Hart of late, it is hard to imagine the home fans booing Adrian to the same extent as they would Hart.

Moyes can start Hart against Watford at Vicarage road in his first game in charge, but should things go awry he would then have the perfect excuse, contracts allowing, to legitimately bring in a player he knows will get the crowd on his side, the paradox being If Adrian is selected and has a total 'mare' then Moyes will be judged on the outcome of his decision, not the theory.

Once he has sorted out his goalkeeping options David Moyes has the unenviable task of sorting out the rest of the most porous defence in the Premier League! (pt1) to be continued) - Ed



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Hart hasn't been to blame. But at the same time I know who I'd prefer to see in goals. Adrian lent that little bit of spark to the Cup match against Tottenham. He's got my vote. I love the word "gozonxiously" -- fits them to a tee. Sick of the whole lot of them and wish they could be sacked too. One-sided "restraint of trade" laws have ruined the game. Why does a Gosonx even need to try?

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I don't think we will see Adrian unfortunately. But I do think we will see Tony Martinez...!!!!

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Is that we didn't NEED him. He isn't really much better than Adrian and worse, we all know he isn't going to be here next season. And also, we have lost Randolph who imo, is an excellent back up Premier League keeper.

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to be fair Hart has been playing very well. without his saves we could've tanked 8 at palace.

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Hart every time. Adrian is a shot stopper plain and simpl and Hart has the all round game

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Hart lets them in from all over the pitch

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Got to be Adrian,moyes likes runners,you see what he did at Wembley,and has for an all round game,are we forgetting nobles testimonial when Adrian run the length of the pitch and scored ;)

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Hart hasn't even been to blame for the majority of the goals we've conceded this season. you cant complain about th eawful defending then blame the keeper for conceding goals, make your mind up whos to blame.
absolutely moronic post - its like you haven't watched the last 3 league games at all or seen Adrian drop many clangers.
don't get me wrong I like Adrian but hart gives me more confidence than Adrian!!

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An obvious statement that, but how can you accept that if Hart ain't playing well, you don't have the power to play Adriane I think this is a load of s*it and not even G&S are going to stand for that. The manager should have the power to pick who he wants and all these types of clauses will F*ck up your team and give the impression to the player, oh I dont have to train too hard, they have got to play me for 50% of the premier games (Sacko) and then I'll go and wind the supporters up by saying I want to play my football in France. What worries me is whos gonna be our Number2 in January I dont think its going to be Adrianne, dont forget its world cup year and time will be running short.

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Well I don't expect Adrian to stay around when you have sully coming out with hart is the best goal keeper he's worked with.wish he'd keep it shut!

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There is a rumour that the two Davids are ready to sell the club.
My choice is Adrian over Hart. Adrian has that spirit that seems to lack when Hart is in goal.

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Rumour is fake mate,Richard Keys full of shite,wishful thinking though on my part lol

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Is Richard Keys still breathing?? That's a bloody shame!

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You are probably right. By the way Pickford was excellent in goal against Germany. I liked the way he tried to boot the ball immediately to a forward and getting the England counter attack going with a lot of momentum. Hart on the other hand holds on to the ball takes his time, and that results in the opposition falling into place. When Hart final boots the ball, it is just randomly to the opposing defenders that once again sets up a counter attack against West Ham. No doubt Hart would have let in one of those extraordinary saves by Pickford. This is one obvious flaw that Moyes has to address, i.e. That the keeper has to set try and change the momentum in West Ham's favour. Chicharito suffered a hamstring injury and now will probably be out for some time. More Woes for Moyes.

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Never saw the England game mate,did hear pickford pulled off some blinders,moyes won't have to address the change of momentum with Adrian,he does try to put us back on the attack,yes chicha more good news, if it wasn't for bad luck we'd have No luck at all.

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