What Is It With Bent And West Ham?

Many moons ago, West Ham United attempted to sign Darren Bent from Charlton, the player eventually decided to go to arch rivals Tottenham instead, despite agreeing a deal in principal to join the Irons. So there was a bit of 'bad blood' there, especially from Hammers fans who thought Bent's agent had just used the club as a 'springboard' to get his client a better deal, "no harm in that" you may say, and you would be correct, so why on earth has Darren Bent, now he can no longer play, insist on putting the knife in to West Ham at every opportunity?

12 April 1941 – 24 February 1993 LEGEND

On the 24th of February 1993 Robert Frederick Chelsea Moore left this earth, far too early for a man who enriched and inspired so many, the word legend is used to excess when describing entertainers or performers, but a legend Bobby Moore certainly was. The first 'pop star' footballer, Moore and his first wife Tina were eye candy for all sorts of companies from Watneys to Walls!

Napoli Want Anderson But Can't Pay!

When he arrived at West Ham United, Felipe Anderson was the club's most expensive signing, his record fee was eclipsed later on by the arrival of Sebastian Haller but the initial £36 Million price was still substantial. Anderson went on to prove his worth during his first year at the club under the guidance of ex-manager Manuel Pellegrini, he scored freely and was able to produce assists regularly, unfortunately this season his performances have been far more sporadic, not aided by the change of management nor by the nasty back injury he picked up against Sheffield United.

You Gotze Be Kidding!

Mario Gotze has told German newspaper SportBild that he will leave Borussia Dortmund this summer at the end of his contract as he seeks a fresh challenge, "preferably in the Barclays Premier League", he has been tipped to join either Everton or West Ham United. Dortmund’s striker has only managed to play nineteen games this season, scoring three goals in the process. His fall from grace has been as spectacular as his rise, after all he scored the winner in the 2014 World Cup final against Argentina and was destined for great things with Dortmund.

Messi Tells Lanzini Come To Barca

To say that Manuel Lanzini, the little jewel' is a shadow of the player who went off to a pre tournament training camp hopeful of representing his country, Argentina. Mentored by none other than Lionel Messi, great things were expected of 'Manu' Lanzini, and indeed initially it seemed he would fulfill his lifetime's dream of playing alongside his hero in the World Cup.

Diop To Everton-Having A Giraffe?

Well it is silly season, so all sorts of reports will appear as journo's struggle to fill their columns, but the Mirror's insistence that French International Issa Diop has 'stated' that he would like to leave West Ham United is just a story too far.

Sancho Panza!

Sancho Panza is a fictional character in the novel Don Quixote written by Spanish author Don Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra in 1605, so while on the subject of fiction it seems appropriate to mention that, according to 'media' sources, West Ham United have been in contact with Alexis Sánchez’s agent Fernando Felicevich as they consider a potential move this summer.

SUGO Keen To Avoid Being Named And Shamed

The varying response to the Corona Covid 19 crisis by Barclays Premier League clubs has had some fans up in arms about their clubs laying off workers by utilising the Government's tax payer funded 80% payment scheme. Irrespective of which club is supported the general concensus in these difficult times is that it is quite frankly obscene that while workers, many living from pay packet to pay packet, are being forced to take a reduction in their wages, players continue to pick up their wages in full.

Why Sign Lovren When Irons Have Reid?

Perhaps it is because of a lack of credible football news during the Covid 19 lock down that strange transfer speculation is rearing it's ugly head again, stories that are normally reserved in the Journo's locker for the International break are surfacing in order to fill the vacuum.

Time To Forget Squabble With Mayor

In these unique and troubling times, there is a general consensus that we should all stick together in order to get through the potentially dreadful possibility of casualties rates along similar lines to those suffered by both Italy and Spain. Barclays Premier League Clubs have all committed to helping out in any way they realistically can.


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