Scrapping the barrell!

Anyone else getting the e-mails about bidding for our players shirts?? i get so many e-mails from the club trying to get me to buy some sh*t or other,but this is really scrapping the barrell imo....
They now want us to bid for Lanzinis goal scoring shirt against the spuds,jeez these clowns are turning our club into a joke!!

Just checked & there is only one P in scraping & one L in barrel!!!!
P.S - You can also bid for our players training kit,nice!! if you like that sort of thing...

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There comes a time for all people including the Daves and Lady Brady to show some self esteem and dignity. Okay they're not oil sheik rich but come on!

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Its elevating sperms to another level ,"we beat spurs aren't we fantastic ",agree with you 65 ,its a wonder they never sold 6" square pieces of the pitch at uppers .
I'll bid on the tosh they bought in ,I'll start with 3 sheets of galvanize

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