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Allardyce Joins Sunderland, Will Andy Carroll Be His First Target?

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Submitted by nevillenixon on Fri, 09/10/2015 - 19:18

Big Sam has joined Sunderland as their manager for the next two years, not as head coach, and as such he and a certain Mr Curtis will have full control on player signings. With this situation in mind, what are the odds against Big Sam putting a bid in for the Poney Tailed One during the January transfer window? It could be a great bit of business for the Irons, Big Andy can go back oop north and be re-born with a team that would be structured around him, and Hammers could save face by doing an undisclosed transfer, West Ham fans knew the writing was on the wall with regards to Carroll by the club's reluctance to play him when he was available. Wrap him up in cotton wool and punt him in January seems to have been the plan, Allardyce's appointment has just helped put the plan in to operation! - Ed



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Sounds like a good ploy nev, recuperating something for the forever recuperating Carroll, BUT will SHORT need a few SHORTS to butter him up for such a deal

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Don't know if the whole Geordie/Mackems thing would stop Carroll from signing, I really don't think he'll go. But Nolan and Joey O'Brien are shoe ins I'd say. What a dynamic midfield that would be Nolan and Cattermole..................Haha how we laughed!!

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Oi big boy, what's your name?

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I wonder if he'll try to bring Nolan in? Even he was dropping him sometimes last season, so I reckon he recognises he can't hack it in the PL any more, but who know, he might bring him in as club captain... and only play him in certain games?

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It'll be interesting, if Sam does sign him, to see what the Mackem fans make of Chicken Kev; will they come to the same conclusion as most WHU fans or not?

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Just about enough, he will keep Blunderland up and play non attacking football which will result in Makems happy to be in Prem but long term disgruntled with lack of flare. I pity them to watch one striker up front at home and none in the away fixtures, good luck to them and the 18th century footie they will see at the Stadium of *****. not sure if Christmas will follow him but sure he will try to get Downing now that Borough have paid his removal costs with Pickfords :o)

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I doubt as a Geordie and fan of Newcastle he is gonna want to play for Sunderland... I know loyalty means little in footy these days but i just cannae see it man!

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I agree ACS...if he plays to form and is getting a large pay packet for getting treatment week in week out, they'll lynch him...I think he'll be on his way in January, but to whom?

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I'd be surprised if we let him go should he find some form. Decent back up strikers can be hard to find so I think he'll be here until at least the end of the season and IF he's stayed fit and scored goals then maybe they'll look to recoup some of the investment.

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