Any Old Iron(s)?

Ahead of project restart, positive messages were emanating from the London Stadium regarding David Moyes' much vaunted squad overhaul, with particular attention devoted to signing young, fit and hungry players. The arrival of Jarrred Bowen on deadline day was hoped to be a portent for the future, alas that was not to be, as Covid-19 reared it's ugly head and the game as we knew it ceased to exist.

Bearing in mind the emphasis that was to be placed on youth, the club currently finds itself going in to the crucial Barclays Premier League game against fierce London rivals Tottenham with one of the Irons best young players, in the form of Jeremy Ngakia, rightly or wrongly soon to be known as Jeremy 'Judas', refusing to sign a contract extension to the season's end, and refusing the offer of a new long term contract. The club's medical team are holding their breath as to whether 32 year old Angelo Ogbonna will be available for tonight's match, so there we have a 19 year old desperate to get away and a 32 year old desperate to play, does that say anything about the club's policies?

David Moyes has the worst success record of any previous West Ham manager, it may not be all his own fault, but he is at least culpable for some poor team selections and the lack of ability to change the situation mid game by intelligent use of the additional substitutes available for him to use due to the new rulings regarding how many are available.

This evening's game will be held in an empty newly refurbished at vast expense stadium, in the current climate the Stadium is a massive liability which may have a long term impact on Spurs, but in the short term little seems to have changed. The 'huge' benefits of moving from the Boleyn Ground to the Bowl of misery as the London Stadium is known to most fans, seem more and more insignificant as time moves on, but there is no use in crying about it now, sportsbook bonus still have the irons clinging to premier league survival by the skin of their teeth, but then they don't have to watch the games do they?

Sites like ours were bamboozled by the prospect of a shiny new stadium, virtually free of charge! On reflection we should have campaigned vociferously against the move but were made 'comfortably numb' by the offer of cheap season tickets, suckered! Hopefully there will be inbound investment, probably via Tripp Smith and his American hedge fund buddies.

Strange isn't it, even the Cairns and Terence Brown now seem like 'Demi-Gods' compared to the current owners who by now will be looking to 'off' their investment as it will no longer be the potential 'cash cow' it once was, it won't be worth the hassle for them, hopefully they will take their money and run, good luck to them, because even huge money cannot turn back the clock! - Ed



Who the f#$k is tripp Smith ,? Is Haller fit if not he'll play the same as last week ,Ant up front busting his bollox chasing hoofed balls ,if Ogy does play at least it will set Declan free to move up ,if Anderson starts its a disgrace the way he played v Wolves he should be threatened with the list ,cant see anything but a pounding tonight even if Haller is fit it still means 1 up front at least if we do go south it means Moyes is a gonner giving us some chance of a revival

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