Are Girou Having A Giraffe?

Today is the first official day of the transfer window, although there has already been a certain amount of 'jostling' for position ahead of the starters gun! One deeply worrying rumour that refuses to go away is that relating to Chelsea's Olivier Giroud.

Time and again West Ham have been 'linked' with the 34 year old French striker over the last 18 months, and the speculation persists despite the fact that Giroud is the exact polar opposite of Moyes's RB template for players which is young, lean and keen!

It might just be lazy journalism, but the Giroud to West Ham story just won't go away, leaving many observers to conclude that there is no smoke without fire and that a move from West to East, for his final season before retiring, would suit Olivier Giroud and his family, who are well ensconced in London.

For far too long, West Ham has been the preferred destination for past it players looking for a final pay day, this engrained logic has ensured a 'no future' attitude pervades at the club and is an area of recruitment that Moyes has vowed to alter.

So it is safe to say Giroud is most definitely NOT on Moyes's shopping list, however the goalposts can move very quickly, especially if the new contract that has been on the table for David Moyes to sign for over a week remains unsigned. Even if David Moyes does sign the new contract on offer, it is only worth the paper it is written on.

Ancelotti's sudden departure from Everton is a prime example of how little contracts actually mean, and unfortunately there is the added negativity that Everton have stepped up their efforts to bring Moyes back to the club he managed so successfully for years, even leading them into the promised land of the Champions League.

If the worst happened and Moyes was 'seduced' by Everton's rich owner, then expect the acquisition of 'veterans' to be back on the agenda, but let's hope not! - Ed



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Yes Nev, the managerial merry go round is in full swing. Wolves, Everton, Spuds all at it!

At least Celtic are sorted now it seems. I wondered about Everton going back in for Moyes. But I don't think the fans would see it as a progression and would possibly show lack of ambition. Therefore I expect him to stay with us. As for Giroud, not quite le Merde II, as he is a seasoned pro with a proven record. But now he's only good for 20 mins in a game. I don't think he'll be turning up at the BOM anytime soon.......

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Although contracts generally aren't worth the paper they are written on....Ancelotti and Moyes remain "Chalk n Cheese" in my eyes. Everton actually had the chance to get Moyes in as a manager before employing Ancelotti...... But like us, they wanted the sexy pre-covid model. In fact I remember some Everton supporters mocking us and wishing us the best of luck with Moyes who some viewed as a dinosaur. Ancelotti is from the same school as Pellegrini and others like them, they work Best with a Big Fat Chequebook.... and are easily enticed elsewhere.
Integrity, Loyalty with Long-Term views and a Plan aren't a priority for managers like them......Hopefully, West Ham NEVER visits these types of managers again.... and along with those merry-go-round managers.... Players like Giroud, who has turned this club down on multiple occasions and because it might suit him prepared to lower his sights. We're too good a club for the likes of a pensioner like him. West Ham used to have a proud history of continuity, with the least amount of managers of any club across the land. This Continuity gives a club identity and stability.... something we have got to get back to.
Let's hope that this club has the Blueprint for a New West Ham Way going forward now.

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