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Atmosphere, Ionosphere And Stratosphere!

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Submitted by nevillenixon on Sat, 19/09/2015 - 21:28

Atmosphere, Ionosphere And Stratosphere! That is where bubbles go! Of course they fade and die, but while they fly they nearly reach the sky, currently, on their way, West Ham United have encountered and beaten three of the best teams in the Barclays Premier League on their travels. The first, a victory against Arsenal at the Emirates was seen as the 'freak of the week' result by BBC pundits, the second against Liverpool was described as totally unexpected by all and sundry and now a 2- 1 victory against title leaders Manchester City, who had not conceded a Premier league goal all season, Hammers have finally been shown the respect that the team deserve.
The match against Manchester City is first up on match of the day!!!! Unbelievable, in fact it is almost as unbelievable as West Ham United winning their first three away fixtures against Arsenal, Liverpool and Manchester City!
Yes, if you are viewing this from a south sea atol or a boat in the middle of the Ocean or anywhere else this is all true and not a delusion! Although it might be time to be temporarily delusional with the assistance of some liquid refreshment, because when things are going well, the odd hangover is easily forgotten, or remembered with fondness for why it occurred in the first place.
These are happy times to be a hammer! - Ed



Good to hear the summary from Murphy and Sheared giving us credit for today's result. I was moaning about Proven earlier and how biased he was, I nearly crashed the car when I hear Collymore on TalkSport give the Man of Match to De Bruyne. Is it me or are these people paid extra to talk total garbage.

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I turn of when Collymore or Cundy are on Talksport. They both like the sound of their own voices and they both really grate on my hearing.
Neither know eff all about the game and have the ability to go over the same drab crap for ever...Feel sorry for Goldstein who can be quite funny.

What was funny was West Ham beating Man City 1-2 LOL #COYI

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We absolutely deserve this! Years of suffering; have a nice drink!!!!

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Allardyce seem's to be conspicuous by his silence, he was all over the media when we played Leicester and Bournemouthe but is'nt as high profile of late......I wonder why.

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My point execly spud (in an earlier post ) himself and Liniker were like a couple of school girls that week , ear to ear grins on their boats , as for Shearer his tongue in cheek coment about why it took so long to get in Slav showed him up for what he is ,a tosser

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Burkie 1

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work watching the second half nearly lost my voice, what a great performance. as for De Bruyne motm, what a joke, could of gone to a number of ours but not one of them was worthy.

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That was beyond ridiculous, the Dutch guy played OK, but anyone who didn't give MotM to Winston knows nothing about football or has been bought.

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Honestly, before the match I was a little worried. Man City is the strongest team of the premier for me. But seeing the match I saw the potential that our team, Bilic is doing a great job and also all the guys. We won targeted at the three big teams in the league, it is no longer a case

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When we did Man City at Upton Park last season We went on a really good run Fans will laugh at this but this was the start of Man City sliding right down The table, to third cant see Leicester being up there much longer and with the fixtures we have coming up we could still be up the top in December The way Arsenal and Chelski are playing. Or is this Fantasy football????

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