Devil Or The Deep Blue Sea-Allardyce Or Moyes?

Be careful what you wish for is an oft used expression when it comes to footballing scenarios and West Ham United are about to embark upon their perilous journey towards Premier League survival, because make no mistake the club is in a real dog fight! Any illusion things were going to suddenly get better must have been well and truly shattered by now, especially after two lamentable 'home' performances at what has become increasingly known as the 'Toxic Drome' that have seen the team ship seven goals and only score one.

It has become de rigeur for Slaven Billic to be given his customary two games to turn things round and have to communicate that to the press without actually saying the words, it is rather sad to see a great bear of a man with his shoulders sloped looking like he is carrying the weight of the world, but then again he does get paid handsomely for his woes, much more than many fans could ever dream of earning so sympathy needs to be balanced with pragmatism when it comes to moving forward.

It has not been a secret for a long while that Slaven Billic's contract was not going to be renewed, the Hammers board being renowned for their loyalty to their managers or their despise of paying their managers off depending on your view, the truth probably being somewhere in between, however the situation at the still unsposored London Stadium is such that Billic, nice guy or not, is going to get the chop, sooner or later. Herein lies the detail, do the board dither or fiddle as their new Jerusalem burns in front of them or do they act?

Slaven Billic will have no doubt seen big sam I'm not a greedy bastard allardyce's (lawyers please note in lower case!) comments with a certain amount of 'et tu brute' pathos as the old dude managed to stick the knife in on the daniel Levi sponsored version of what used to be match of the day! M.O.T'd a clapped out marina without an MOT but with gary linekar to underseal the true rot. Big sam was happy to buy his over finch rangey courtesy of his fat pay cheque from West Ham, perhaps he should show some more respect to a club and it's supporters who helped enhance his reputation as a manager!

Thankfully just by his comments on the dodgy garage show, Big glorious Sam's ego will not be in place at the as yet unnamed London Stadium (beware writers who use the same term twice!) because he will have upset the owners who would rather be relegated than have an oik from Dudley shit on their horizon. The owners of West Ham might be blind but they are not stupid, and just as a test tube mouse or rat they exhibit known reactions, namely a complete aversion to losing money! Some say relegation for one season would actually enhance their overall income, but that is a question for number cruncher's to solve, all that is apparent is that changes are afoot it is a question of when not if!

With 'conceited' sam having 'queered' his pitch the door the firmly opens for 'el ultimo de la filla' or in other words the last in the queue, step forward david 'damaged goods' moyes, he knows the premier league, he knows la liga, he knows how to be unfairly judged and he knows how to fail, he is a match made in heaven for the two Davids, his dour 'Taggardesque' persona will fit nicely in to the 'dogs of war' attitude needed to employed if West Ham United's overpaid luvvies are to lift themselves above the metaphorical parapet. Once upon a time David Moyes was lambasted for his teams' over physical nature, well if he does take up the reins he may well end up having to use more than a metaphoric effort to keep his new club up.
Heaven help us! - Ed



If the owners appoint Moyes I’ll believe that they are really covert Tottenham fans and are on a long plan of destroying every Hammers fans’ dreams. We’ve been dragged from our home and dumped in the OS, brought in journey men mercenaries who don’t care about us and endured below average Football for too long. Appointing yesterday’s man Moyes would be the end of the road for many paying fans. Dragging ourselves to the ground is bad enough watching this crap but watching Moyes’ special crap is too much.

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These guys dont see a football club they see £££££££ now i know you will say so does every other owner ,true but bassed on some precarious results and a flatering finnish the year before last not every owner would make the decision to tear down one of the best loved football grounds in the country and move to a rented monstrosity in the middle of nowhere, their in it for the cash nothing more nothing less ,and as for that "dragon " ,your fired ,sorry wrong show

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Burkie 1

Unlike you I think it’s beyond money for them. I think it’s ego and immortality. They’re so out of touch with the fans it’s untrue. They think that Moyes is the “ respectable option”. They sent out an email about West Ham clothing with Arnautovic modeling, as if that’s going to get people to buy! They’re living in a bubble kept afloat by Karen Brady’s own agenda

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put a tongue in cheek post about bringing him back but seriously why not a better option by miles than dour moyes

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Another yesterday man with McLaren, Mccleish, Hodgson, Hiddink, Pellegrini all the past. We either go totally for broke and PDC or go and get Dyche. Anything else and it’s treading water and won’t inspire or entice stay away, or leave early fans.

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See that Bayern has just sacked Ancelotti bet Moyes couldn't have signed that contract quick enough. Mind you I cant see Gold paying Ancelloti even if it were for 6 months and even if it helps keep the club in the prem. All G&S are intrested in is the cheap option they will see how much decisions like this will cost them at the end of the season

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Why they have to rush into anything, just get the coaching staff to get them fit. We can't do any worse than we are currently.

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I am sad to see Super Slav go but the time had come.Moyes was an excellent manager at Everton and got them into Europe on a regular basis.At Man Utd he was following Sir Alec, an impossible task.At Sunderland they expected him to keep them up without spending a penny.He would not be my first choice. I would go for another ex West Ham player who is proving to be a very good manager. Chris Hughton for me.

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