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Did Dicks Suggest Joey To Slaven?

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Submitted by nevillenixon on Mon, 10/08/2015 - 14:16

Hmm, Joey Barton instead of Alex Song? Bit of a strange one, but Hammers boss Slaven Billic has sanctioned a move for Joey Barton, who is a free agent and is undergoing a medical within the next 24 Hrs, apparently after a chat with Julian Dicks about cover for the holding midfield role played so brilliantly against Arsenal by debutant Reece Oxford . Song's injury worry is obviously key to this process, having been totally spanked by the cost of the 'Andy Carroll saga', co-owners David Sullivan and David Gold are more than aware of how things can go 'pete tong' when it comes to big name signings. To some Barton is a loose cannon waiting to explode, but he does actually have a very cerebral presence, and has matured of late to the point of being able to give advice to younger players. Barton was one of the very few QPR players who could hold their head up high with regard to effort and commitment to the cause, OK he is 32 years old, but has kept himself incredibly fit, Oh and of course he brings a level of 'intensity' to the table that can be scarey for the opposition! Should the move go through, it is possible Song might still also join West Ham, but maybe not until January, when Hammers would not have to pay a fee at all to FC.Barcelona.
Barton is a person of some wit and humour, a player with a bit left in the tank, and he could be Julian's wing man! - Ed



But like you say nev he does appear to have matured of late (we hope),fine imo if he is just being signed for cover.He used to be a loose cannon & any antics from him,will be met with the usual response from the claret & blue army!!!

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if its ok with Slav & Dicks its ok with me , as you say Nev he might have calmed down a bit now he's approaching th end

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Burkie 1

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I think he could do a job for us for a season at least. Besides getting on the wrong side of Bilic and Dicks would be like Harold Steptoe trying to have a piece of Tony Sopranos Waste Disposal Business.....Not only that, he could probably solve The Times crossword on the Team Bus and explain to Noble and Co what nouns, adjectives and verbs were....!

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Oi big boy, what's your name?

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He's definitely matured a bit in the last year or two, but it's a surprise to be sure. Apparently he's been close to signing for us a couple times in the past.

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Always been the standout player in the QPR side,I rate him,but there is the disciplinary worry .He can't be a long term prospect for the club,more of a short term fix until Song arrives.Westham were prepared to go after Cambiasso at 33 yrs of age,so I can see this deal happening.

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Ever since he picked up a book and learnt to read he fancies himself as the eternal anti-hero. Not someone I wanted to have at the club

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LOL -- Author Michael Moorcock wrote several series of books based around an eternal anti-hero character; Jerry Cornelius was one of his names. He also wrote songs, and performed on stage, with both Blue Oyster Cult and Hawkwind.

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Thanks Bully - let's hope Joey doesn't take a ride in a silver machine straight into Upton Park! I'll add that author to my list of books to read, once I've tackled Frank Herbert's Dune...

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I can see the logic of this move with Alex song out injured for another 3 months and then needing to regain fitness; and Pedro Obiang not yet back in training. Barton was captain for QPR last season and one of the few players who consistently achieved a decent level of performance. If there is a deal for Barton, and it is a big if, I can see him alternating with Oxford or sharing the 90 minutes with either Oxford or Nolan. Personally I think there are other targets we are pursuing and we probably won't wrap up a deal for Barton.

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He might have been able to do a job,but his temperament & controversial rants would always surface im afraid!Dont need someone like that at our great club....

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