Diop Dodges Coup

Hammers centre back Issa Diop represented France all the way to U-21 level, but then seeing his opportunities to play for France very limited chose to switch allegiances to Morocco. He would have travelled to Guinea to take part in Morocco's World Cup qualifier, but because he was not selected in time he was not able to join up with the rest of the squad.

Diop dodged a bullet, almost literally, as he avoided being caught up in an attempted military coup in Guinea, armed militia were filmed 'accompanying' what appears to be an ousted leader from office. The situation is covered here by the BBC.

International fixtures always bring some form of jeopardy to clubs as they send off their players, Hammers are fortunate that Issa's journey didn't necessitate home office intervention, it's not as if the club have been fortunate in the past has it? Liverpool's Naby Keita, Wolves defender Roman Saiss, QPR striker Ilias Chair and Watford duo Adam Masina and Imran Louza were not so lucky and were caught up in the Drama, thankfully all are safe and accountable, their flight having left Guinea without further incident.

This official 'understatement' has been issued: "The current political and security situation in Guinea is quite volatile and is being closely monitored by Fifa and Caf, To ensure the safety and security of all players and all match officials, Fifa and Caf have decided to postpone the match." Well what else would they do? -Ed


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