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Dumb & Dumber-Irons After Braithwaite?

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Submitted by nevillenixon on Fri, 09/07/2021 - 08:52

Well it is the silly season, so we would be neglecting our duties in not mentioning players 'linked' with West Ham, but some of the reports are at best stale, whereas others are down right dumb. The 2020/1 Euros have thrown up the names of new targets, as some players have shone during their appearances in the competition, many have become unrecognisable from the players that their domestic fans see.

It often happens this way, there are some players who shine under the spotlight, but then wilt when confronted with week in week out competitive football, especially the frenetically paced Barclays Premier League! Many players get signed on the back of a good International competition appearances, but then fail to live up to their 'star' billing.

So when referencing names that have been 'thrown up' by events of the last few, enjoyable weeks, we should also mention the names that have been regurgitated! A prime example being Barcelona's Martin Braithwaite, or to be more precise, ex-Middlesbough, Esberj, Bordeaux and Leganes 'star', who has 'shone' at the Euro's while playing for Denmark, apparently Hammers are 'desperately' waiting to see if he wants to leave the Nou Camp and come to the London Stadium.

Some reports are dumb, some even dumber, why on this God's planet would David Moyes even countenance the signing of a past it 30 year old player currently on massive wages? Incidentally, is he really 30 years old? He looks older than Harry Redknapp!

Apparently 'cash strapped' Barca have made offloading Braithwaite a priority, and why wouldn't they? With no personal mailice aimed at the player, who is probably a really decent human being, he epitomises exactly the type of player Hammers SHOULDN'T be signing, does the club never learn?

Hopefully these 'rumours' are just that, little more than 'tittle tattle to fill column inches that haven't been occupied by the Euros, at least that's what we hope. David Moyes would need to be sedated and held under armed guard to allow such an acquisition, a move that would undoubtedly have been sanctioned by the Hammers hierarchy in the past, accompanied by the statement. "We have signed a player with great potential from the famous FC Barcelona" would be the spin, whereas "We have signed a past it has been who has spent more time out on loan for most of his lengthy career than with his parent clubs" would be the reality.

Unless Moyes as lost the plot,Braithwaite will NOT be turning up at the London Stadium, if he does, there might be a few more season tickets available for those on the waitng list! Now is the time for the club to move forward, it may not be spectacular, but it might just be honest, the club don't need has beens. - Ed


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