Fact:Irons Can't Afford To Sack Pellegrini

As expected, following yet another poor result on Saturday, the airwaves have been full of 'professionals' putting the boot in on West Ham United, in particular manager Manuel Pellegrini. The venerable Chilean has been around the block many times, so it will come as no surprise to the 65 year old that the daggers are out for him due to his massive £10 Million per year salary.

Pellegrini is the third highest paid manager in the Barclays Premier League, only Manchester City's Pep Guardiola and Liverpool's Jurgen Klopp earn more! The rumblings of discontent have come to a head for several reasons, each on it's own is could be dealt with, but the combination of all three simultaneously occurring is having a catastrophic effect.

Questionable team selection, allied with injuries to key players has compounded the situation, but the real culprit is the astonishingly low net transfer budget Manuel Pellegrini was handed. The signing of Pablo Fornals for £24 Million is being microscopically analysed, as the young Spain international is finding adapting to the pace of the Barclays Premier League difficult to cope with. The 'forensic' examination aspect of the signing should never really ever have come in to contention, and would not have done so had the purchase not wiped out 96% of the entire net transfer budget!

There is arguably more attention and scrutiny about the signing of Fornals than any other recent player acquisition, and that targeting is as a direct result of the meagre budget available to Mario Husillos and Manuel Pellegrini. If the purchase of Fornals represented say 25% of the budget, the pressure on the player and staff would have been a lot less, the moral of the story being, unless you invest your hopes will go west!

Inevitably people who support West Ham, and a lot who don't, have been calling for Manuel Pellegrini's head, the likes of Bournemouth's Eddie Howe and even Bayern Munich's recently sacked manager Niko Kovic are being touted as Pelegrini's replacement, but these speculations are are fanciful to say the least and will NOT happen. The reason is obvious to anyone whom has a knowledge of or who is associated with the club, West Ham United simply cannot afford to pay off Pellegrini's contract, it is as simple as that.

So whether you are a fan of him or not, it is the grey haired Chilean that will be occupying the managerial hot seat until the end of the 2020- 2021 season. Hopefully Pellegrini can turn things round, one should imagine that the recalling of in-form Grady Diangana from his loan spell with West Bromwich Albion will be high up the list of things to do, the return of Michail Antonio will be another crucial element, and finally Lukasz Fabianski's return cannot come quick enough.

With Diangana on board, and the return to fitness of Antonio followed by that of Fabianski, the ship should eventually stabilise, you can forget about a Champion's league slot, but equally about slipping in to a relegation place. Unfortunately early season aspirations have been obliterated, but there is still a chance of a decent cup run or even a top six to top eight finish, but this season will be known as the season that might have been! A real missed opportunity that hopefully the board will learn from, but don't hold your breath. - Ed



We won't have a decent cup run ,he will draw a low team and put out reserves ,what makes me so confident Wimbledon and oxford teams in our position should go all out for cups but no

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cup runs should be taken seriously and used to get a team to gel and then transfer that to the league but as you say they seem to be used to try out reserves and out form players it seems a long time since we had a descent cup run

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It's time for him to earn his worth - 3rd highest paid manager, so he should be able to turn things around that's what we are paying him for. Can't blame all his failings on transfer budget because as others have said look at the teams like Bournemouth, Sheffield United, perhaps playing without pressure or expectation we face but they are organised and effective outfits. He needs to work with what he's got and get the best out of the players

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Big fan of Diangana. Home grown lad aswell. A definite starter for me in Jan if we can get him back somehow?

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His loan deal does have a 'claw back' clause in it, thank god!

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Just has to change his setup and style of play. It seems to work in the last fifteen or so minutes against Newcastle. Even playing Anderson or Yarmalenko as a forward along with Haller, and getting Masuaku as a winger (remember his success in 2018 to save the Hammers from relegation). A number of players seem to be out of position. Only Snodgrass really puts in a shift. But this is my message to Pellegrini for free:

Forwards: Haller, Anderson
Wings: Masuaku (Left) Yarmalenko (Right)
Midfield: Snodgrass, Rice
Defenders: Creswell (Left), Diop, Balbuena, Fredricks (Right)
Keeper: Roberto

In other words get all of them including the forwards like Haller to throw in some tackles. All the above midfielders do have pace. That is what we were very poor at in the Newcastle game being at second best for most of the game. Bring on Noble, Lanzini and either Ogbonna / Fornals / Ajeti if and when required as subs in place of those who are not performing or giving it their 100%!

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Should forward this to Pellegrini!

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