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Haller Scores Four!

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Submitted by nevillenixon on Wed, 15/09/2021 - 22:32

Wouldn't you Adam & Eve it? Hammers reject Sebasien Haller embarked on a one man demolition of Sporting Lisbon on their home patch by scoring FOUR goals in Ajax's 5-1 victory. Having lost £25 Million in the sale of the Frenchman to the Dutch club west Ham will at least be grateful there is a 25% sell on clause in Haller's contract.

Haller is a case of what might have been, devoid of confidence he was a fish out of water, he is now playing like the £45 Million player he was supposed to be when he was signed by Pellegrini. What conclusion to draw is difficult, Haller is definitely NOT the first player to arrive at a club for big money and then fail miserably, only to join another club and prosper.

Seeing Haller hitting the heights is especially painful when contemplating Hammers lack of ANY striker for Sunday's Ronaldo media love fest! - Ed



There obviously is some talent there,but for me that makes it worse,how bone idle he was

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it does beg the question that how did Frankfurt and now Ajax get the best of this guy and we struggled? poor man management? German colleagues of mine say the Prem league is much more demanding tempo and physical, they are amazed about the success of girlie (their words not mine) Kai Havertz... just throw it out there!

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La Merde is total and complete and utter Merde, Merde, Merde, Merde, Merde, revoir!!

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Totally mismanaged by a manager who refused to play to his strengths just like Chico and Yarma

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It was nothing to do with mismanagement,if a player is lazy, disinterested & a bloody sulk what are you supposed to do as a manager?45 mill for a player that walked around the pitch like he was playing for the dog & duck in the Sunday league,poor player for us & probably the most frustrating player ive seen in my 50 odd years of following westham

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that if a person/manager is in charge of 23 well paid so called professionals and only 3 are unhappy then that's not a bad average and its up to those 3 individuals to knuckle down or take a hike especially if the rest of the squad are performing well and putting in a good shift .I like most fans like to see passion and 100% effort in a player that's all we ask and Haller failed in my view on all accounts didn't even give a fist pump when he scored totally negative attitude so good riddance

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