Hidden Agenda With Supporter ID?

There have been several mixed messages with regards to season ticket renewals, if you will pardon the pun the goal posts have been moved massively in the last 24 Hours,mindful of doing a 'Mike Ashely', the club's hierarchy swiftly reacted to a Tsunami of fan discontent by offering the '70% solution' that enables fans the option of renewing but at a greatly reduced initial cost, fair play to them for eventually doing the right thing (sic).

The new new will involve digital ticketing which will require a system that has yet to be rolled out and developed, however one aspect which may feel a bit big brother, not the TV slap show, but the Orwellian all seeing, all knowing and totally in control of it's subjects control mechanism. Season ticket holder's ID will have to be carried with them in order to access the potentially limited ballot driven seats, this is in addition to the digital interface that has yet to be confirmed.

The implications are quite simple, no longer will a Dad be able to give his brother his season ticket in order to accompany his nephew to a match that he cannot possibly get a reasonably priced ticket for. Ostensibly the photo ID criteria is to enable contact tracing of Covid -19 infected people, but realistically it is also a 'subtle' reigning in of a supporter's unofficial slight of hand that used to benefit fans with it's flexibility.

There has always been a facility whereby fans can elect to have their place taken by a fellow fan, but there has always been a ridiculous charge for what should have been a charge free option. We accept the need for track and trace, but the option to 'donate' a seat to a family member or friend should in our opinion be made as easy as possible bearing in mind the fact that there wil be a substantial amount of Hammers fans who will be feeling uneasy about attending games themselves due to being within the high risk categories advised by the Government and it's health agencies.

Will football return as we knew it within the next six months? We doubt it. - Ed


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