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Moyes Annoyed By 'Poor' Loan Deals

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Submitted by nevillenixon on Fri, 12/02/2021 - 10:54

West Ham manager David Moyes is no fool, he has overseen in excess of 500 top flight games, and as such his experience tends to shine through. His team's paucity of strikers has long been well known though, so it has come as a great surprise to many Hammers fans that the club finds itself without ANY back up for Michail Antonio, who is himself a 'converted' winger!

The Irons currently have strikers Xande Silva and Oladapo Afolayan out on loan, fans will be wondering 'surely the club couldn't have put itself in a position where there wasn't a recall facility for either of these players, would they?' These thoughts would have been governed by the fact that Andriy Yarmolenko was the only other recognised striker at the club, and even then the lone striker role is a position he has only ever played while representing the Ukraine in internationals, but when he does take on that role, the entire team is set up to support him.

The Barclays Premier League is NOT the environment to 'ease' into a position that is difficult to fill, hence the ludicrous premium that is charged for striker's services. The grim reality is that there are apparently no recall clauses in either Afolayan or Xande's loan contracts, and as such someone somewhere has made a calamitous mistake.

Michail Antonio's hamstrings have occupied more column inches than the entire coverage some as receive about their players, and Yarmolenko's injury woes are also well documented, so why earth risk what promised to be one of the club's best season's for over 35 years for the sake of either (a) not bringing in a back up striker or (b) not recalling some of the club's own talent?

Well, apparently although Moyes is actively involved in player acquisitions, he is not so intensively involved in the 'paper work' side of things and as a result certain 'clauses' were NOT inserted in player's contracts, meaning they can not be recalled UNLESS Hammers pay a premium to facilitate the renegotiation of the contracts that have already been signed.

What a calamity, "only West Ham could do it" people might say, and you know what? They are probably right! Hammers HAVE to dip in to the 'dubious' market of players who are free agents, but then again 'free' is a misnomer, because there is invariably some kind of 'loyalty' signing up payment, or the wages being demanded are hilariously excessive.

Either way David Moyes must act soon in order to keep Hammers slim chances of European qualification alive in what has been an unpreedented season, the likes of which we will probably not see again in our life times! - Ed



Any premiership football club is,when all said and done a buisness, in a lot of case's a huge one where millions swaps hands,and just like any buisness someone has to be held unaccountable fo cock ups ,ive been saying for ages that someone should loose their job over Haller ,a net loss of 24 mill ,just like someone put their hand in the till and nicked it ,i cannot see another prem club fukin up like this ,monday will tell a story ,the blades seem to be rejuvenated of late and we'll have our work cut out trying to beat them ,even they have at least 3 strikers to call on ,the three oof them might be useless lumps but at least they have them

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