Moyes "We'll Try To Win Cup"

Every one and his dog has been 'jumping on' the troubles currently being experienced by West Ham United, poor recruitment, stingy owners and a Stadium not fit to play in, Barclays Premier League survival is the best that fans can hope for, or is it? Firstly with the addition of a couple of full backs, a central defender and a spare striker David Moyes could have a very impressive first team, and more importantly strength in depth for crucial areas.

Having accepted that any aspirations of European football or a top six finish are fanciful to say the least, the spirit of most fans will however be lifted if the team can go on a decent cup run, and despite there being no 'chalice' at the end of the competition the EFL cup DOES represent a chance to bring a feel good factor that would go a long way to establishing a better atmosphere at the Bowl of Misery, AKA The London Stadium, when fans are eventually allowed to attend.

Like him or loathe him, David Moyes is no mug and he sees the 'Moose Cup' as an ideal opportunity to give several fringe players a run out, however he does seem to be taking the competition seriously judging by his comment on the club's official website

I’ve always tried to win every cup in which my club has been entered. Ultimately though, the Premier League will always be a priority for every member club because of the finances it generates, particularly during these times made more uncertain by the presence of COVID-19. Tonight’s game will provide me with a chance to give some players an opportunity to show me what they can do. I have always believed throughout my managerial career that success in any competition is a good thing.

Well if he does what he says he wants to do, he will be the first Hammers manager in an age to take the Cups seriously and to recognise a good cup run represents a win win situation, after all, the club doesn't have a European campaign to deal with and as such should be at an advantage over other club's who do have European commitments.

From the sixties and throughout the seventies, eighties and nineties and through to the new millennium West Ham has been a bit of a yo yo club, never staying in the lower leagues for long but also never being able to establish itself as a 'top club' in the top flight, good cup runs provided fans with the hope and happiness that saw them through the bad times, and there have been plenty of those!

Essentially a club in West Ham's current condition, ie broke, can only work towards Barclays Premier League survival at the best, but a good cup run would change the environment and emphasis of the players, winning breeds winning, and hopefully Moyes' desire to do well in the EfL Cup will be reflected by the team he selects tonight. - Ed



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Interesting to see who Moyes picks tonight. I would expect Randolph the red nosed goalie in the onion bag. As for anyone else - throw a six to start.....

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Lol Boogers!!!! its anyones chance,someone have a go please.

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