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Moyes's Redemption

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Submitted by nevillenixon on Tue, 16/02/2021 - 13:43

It's been a long time coming, but David Moyes looks like a man who has had a great burden lifted from his shoulders, he finally appears to have put his 'Manchester United ghosts' behind him. One of the ironies associated with this strangest of seasons, is that Moyes path to redemption has been partly paved by another United exile in the form of Jesse Lingard.

There were doubts regarding Lingard's fitness before his arrival, but above all his attitude, both doubts have been dispelled by the player's actions both on and off the pitch. It is as if the 28 year old has finally come home, such is the ease in which the winger has settled in with his new team mates at the London Stadium, it seems as if they have been playing together for ages, and not just three games!

There has been a ridiculous amount of media focus on Hammers' lack of strikers, however we would suggest that the term crisis that had been used to describe the situation was totally incorrect, crisis, what crisis? The only cloud on the horizon is that Lingard will not be able to play against his 'neglectful parent' club, a game that could cement West Ham as a top four team if the result goes well, not bad for a team without a striker!

There is of course a long way to go until the end of the season, but it has already been a journey of redemption for David Moyes, and it looks as if it may also be a similar journey for Jesse Lingard and others, including 'Les' Dawson.

Whatever happens, how nice is it to know that the team is safe from relegation with a further 15 games still left to play! - Ed



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MMM not sure he needed to i mean first time round he did what he was asked to and when his contract was up that was it no sacking etc not hard done by it was what it was and the perceived feeling being the fans did not want him lead the board to make a monumental cock up with the whole El Pel fiasco but give sullivan and co credit to go back and offer him another chance and thankfully he took only bug bear with Moyes is his tactics when it comes to playing the bigger clubs and he seems to back off from what we have been doing and it costs us the chelski game and more recently the bindippers......this Sunday we have the Spuds and hopefully Moyes wont worry about Guppy and co and do what Fulham did to Everton the other night and play at a high tempo....with the spuds playing in europe thursday night and we will have had 6 days rest we really need to start fast and on the front foot put them under pressure and they will is my one criticism of Moyes and a small one it is but like everyone else we are enjoying the ride come what may.

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On the same page McB! Against the top clubs, thinking of top finishers last season, Moyes seems to revert to defensive mode.

Theres a Euro league table since start of the year doing the rounds in social media, sure you will all have seen it, we are 5th with 19 points behind Chitie, Frankfurt, Monaco and Barca. We have played the lesser clubs (bar Bin Dippers) to accumulate the points. Please dont get me wrong, Im not complaining and loving the current times but......This next 8 weeks will be a real test before we all start getting carried away with Champions league etc etc

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After what i saw last night im my opinion there isnt a crisis,im not saying we dont need a striker,but we are more than capable in playing a 3 man attack with the players we have,and im sure that with more time as the players get used to it,it will flourish,and when Big Mick comes back will only enhance the situation,im sure this system will be worked on more in the coming days on the training pitch so to demolish Spurs,Moyes wont hold back with this game like the Scousers,Spurs are not in the Scouse bracket anyway,they are fragile and cant see them breaking us down.

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Whilst I am extremely enthusiastic about all things West Ham. I have still to be convinced by Lingard. Three games 2 goals in the 1st, anonymous in the second. Then the shenanigans of the penalty, although well earned. Shows me he still has the big time Charlie mentality....

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He probably still has got that mentality Boogers,but im looking at it and hoping its enthusiasm.He has such talent and fired up on the pitch,i think it over takes him,he must of known who takes the penalties,but lets face it,he was the first to congratulate Declan,so showing no malice.I think its a breath of fresh air him being with us,and hope it is made permanant.

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I have no time for the modern poser type footballer,but lingard has rocked up & more than proved his worth! Any player that puts the claret & blue on starts with a clean slate in my book,if he doesn't pull his wait then he gets dug out....lingard has hit the ground running & long may it continue

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Yes Essex good point well made, lets hope his enthusiasm becomes a positive influence, if he feels valued by us and especially under Moyes. I hope in time we will see him flourish...

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