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Hot on the heels of Jose Mourinho's 'inspired' pre-match comments that helped fire the Irons up ahead of their victory over Tottenham, a club who currently languish in NINTH place, busted flush Danny Murphy has just provided another 'incentivised' article which should do just the trick.

Having legitimate NUJ card holding contributors for over 20years, we at the Org do feel we have some right to comment on the 'quotes' of others, Murphy's BBC article was one of the most biased and inaccurate assessments of the Barclays Premier League as you could ever read, the fact that he is paid by the BBC out of your licence fees makes his comments even more unpalatable!

Here is a 'sample' of his particular brand of sour grapes..."City didn't even have to play that well to beat West Ham on Saturday. (City fan: Thought West Ham were excellent today.They look a completely different side to last season. Coufal at right back reminds me Zabaleta, hard as nails. Soucek very solid in midfield, Lingard looks like a man reborn & Antonio a handful too. One of our toughest games all season).The weekend's other results left them 12 points clear with 12 games to go and, realistically, now it is just a battle for who else will join them in the top four. The run-in is going to be fascinating, and it's wide open too. West Ham have been doing it for a few weeks already. The Hammers are another side that are very difficult to break down, as City found out on their way to beating them.(contradiction from opening line) Ultimately, though, I have a feeling David Moyes' side might fall a bit short, especially if they have to cope without Tomas Soucek or Declan Rice for any length of time. Leicester already seem to be picking up more injuries, which is a worry. Now it looks like they will be without Harvey Barnes for a while, and he will be a big miss. It is going to be tough for them."

He saved his 'pearler' for last though, " Even so, I think it will either be the Foxes or Liverpool who make fourth place. Both of them have got far more experience of these kind of situations, when the pressure is really on, than Everton or the Hammers do. What happened to Leicester last season, when they missed out on the Champions League places after losing to United on the final day, will stand them in good stead this time around."

So. there you go, David Moyes has been provided with another 'item' to post on the team's notice board. These pearls of wisdom really do affect the players, and in that respect Hammers fans should be grateful for them. Like many other Liverpool supporters, Murphy is clutching at straws while being completely in denial, they have turned from being the fans that everyone liked, in to the fans who are Chelsea in disguise! - Ed



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Completely agree with your assessment of that idiot Danny Murphy. I ALWAYS avoid listening to him or reading any of his comments, they are worthless in my opinion as they carry little fact or professionalism. You would have thought that there would be a benchmark or assessment of a pundits competency used in the selection or retention of someone with the power of nationwide broadcast.
He is one of the useless ones alongside Jamie Carragher & Alan Smith who I have to silence regularly when having to watch a game on Sky.

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Agree, when Smith is commentating the volume gets turned OFF!

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Just another 2 bob ex pro stealing a living as a pundit,along with the others people have mentioned....they just cant accept that unfashionable westham are doing well...feck em I say!!

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Murphy always sounds depressed to me. I bet it's a real bundle of laughs in his house. He's dull as dishwater and puts me to sleep. Smith is just a clown, how he ever succeeded with that accent is beyond me. He makes Jasper Carrott sound cultured. As for Carragher, go home and gob on yer Grandma to quote the late great Joe Strummer at Brighton Top Rank in 1979............

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