Once bitten twice shy is a well known expression regarding making the same mistake twice, however making one mistake doesn't necessarily mean it has to be followed by another, it all depends on the circumstances of the situation. The Hammers' hierarchy had their fingers well and truly burned when they handed out a £20,000 per week contract to rising star Reece Oxford, a player who's form and commitment 'fell off the cliff' as soon as he was in receipt of such a ludicrous of money at such a young age, his career since went steadily down hill to the point where he eventually joined Augsburg on a salary that is little over £6,000 per week!

When asked about the latest 'rising star', Jeremy Ngakia, angling for a massive contract West Ham manager David Moyes said he is “surprised and disappointed” at teenage defender Ngakia’s decision to leave the club when his contract expires at the end of this month,
Deptford born Ngakia, 19, was handed his Premier League debut by Moyes in January and subsequently made three more senior appearances, unfortunately as a result of having his 'ear bent' by his greedy agents has turned down a new offer, reputed to be worth around £5,000 a week, and will not sign a temporary extension to the end of this season.

“We are really surprised and disappointed that Jeremy is not going to stay at West Ham,” admitted Moyes. “We like him a lot, we’ve given him his debut and I’m a manager who has done that many times in my career, including Wayne Rooney, Ross Barkley, Jordan Pickford and others, Jeremy is another one and I feel he is making a mistake choosing not to stay with us. We’ve trusted him in big games and everyone likes him at the club. I also feel it’s a kick in the teeth for the academy, because they have developed a player for the first team and he’s not going to stay. We’re also really disappointed with his decision not to stay beyond June the 30th.

An understandably angry Moyes continued,"I don’t agree with that and I also think it’s something the Premier League should not allow to happen, because it means the season is not starting and finishing in the same way, there’s nothing we can do about that, though, and we are still working with him. We like him, we want him to feel he’s been given the best service we can give and maybe there’s still a little hope that we can change his mind.” Clubs have until June 23 to agree short-term deals for players whose contracts are due to expire at the end of the month and Moyes added: “We haven’t given up all hope of Jeremy realising he has got it wrong, but I have to say he has told me directly that it is not his choice to stay.”

This situation leaves the club in a quandary, on closer analysis Ngakia's agents are only trying to do what is best for their client, which is what an agent is employed by a player to do, but his agents are requesting the sort of deal that MIGHT have been accepted before the Covid -19 Pandemic, but that they don't have a snowball's chance in Hell of getting now, if they insist on getting Jeremy to leave they will be depriving the club of a talent but in addition they will more likely than not ending up either 'parking' him with a 'big' club or having to accept far reduced terms from those they are seeking.

There are some that will say that it is stupid to let a player go who has been brought through the youth system and is destined for great things, there are others that will say good riddance if he isn't even prepared to extend his contract to cover the remaining nine games to be played of this season. There is a vague chance that an interim deal could be struck between the club and Ngakia's agents, the problem is that although so much water has passed under the bridge it hasn't stopped him and his agents from burning it! - Ed



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good luck Jezza, playing Sunday League footie soon with a big game against the Dog n' Duck coming up soon!

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There was another great hope a while back named Leo Chambers, a similar thing happened to him, greedy agent etc. just as his agent stalled over a new deal wanting more money and refused the club's terms who in turn then withdrew their offer, Leo picked up a bad quad injury just as his contract was winding down, and was released from his contract. He had been a young England player at under-16, under-17 and under-18 levels., but ended up playing for Billericay, and then finally Kingstonian, when the season was ended he was on loan to Farnborough.

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i would wish that injury on the boy but they have to be stronger with their agents and look at the big picture for their careers.

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