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Old Trafford-School For Scoundrels

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Submitted by nevillenixon on Thu, 23/09/2021 - 08:29

Hammers fans often scoff at the success of Chelsea and Manchester City, citing the only reason those teams do well is the extraordinary amount of money they have access to in order to blow other clubs out of the water in their transfer dealings. That may well be the case, however neither team seemed to have spent as much time at Drama school as either Manchester United or Liverpool, with the former being the most active Thespians of a bad bunch.

Recruiting the very talented, but also very preening penalty screamer, Ronaldo, has merely served to compound the fact that once a player arrives at Old Trafford, his persona changes and he becomes a diva who expects referees to blow for fouls and penalties on demand!

A case in point being Jesse Lingard, who tried to influence referee John Moss on numerous occasions but forgot VAR wasn't in use, particularly when Mark Noble tried to take a sample of the Manchester United player's shirt and shorts back to the London Bowl for a souvenir! Noble alluded to the fact in his post match presser when he said "Jesse didn't scream like that when he was with us!"

Moss, who loves being in control was having none of it, even though it was actually a stone wall penalty the Ref chose to 'punish' the Red Devils for being serial offenders' when it comes to penalty claims, so much so that the Northerners are now 'suffering' from the 'crying wolf syndrome' associated with those who perpetually try to con the Ref with a sustained policy of going down like a sack of spuds.

If points were deducted for false penalty claims Man Utd and their title chasing 'buddies' Liverpool would both be in the Conference League, and not even anywhere near the Conference Cup! -Ed



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Dont know how Mata did not get sent off with the Knee in Coufals private personals and the raking of his studs down the shins of Lanzini.CHEET. They tried to con the ref all night long, making out that they had been slapped in the face.CHEET Bayley trying to make out that his shot deflected of a west ham player.CHEAT Jesse Lingard diving in the box.CHEET. Yarmo puts a ball out because an opposing player has a head injury (like sportsmen do) and what happens Man u take the throw-in and give it straight to one of their players, CHEAT. Then Bruno Fernandez Steals the ball off off John Moss and slots it in the net, IMO should have been booked. CHEAT. Every team wants to win but I thought that Manure was better than that- and they should be ashamed of how they played and they deserved to lose against a much better team and we deserved to go through to the next round against Citeh and if we beat them we'll probably get Chelski- Life don't come easy

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