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Reasons To Be Cheerful

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Submitted by nevillenixon on Thu, 13/01/2022 - 09:48

Now how long is it since we ran out the Ian Dury influenced banner "reasons to be cheerful" when referencing West Ham? Well if you look through our ridiculously comprehensive archives, you will see it was way back in 2015, when Dimitri Payet grabbed hold of the club and catapulted it into the limelight for the first time since the Di Canio and Cole era.

There are PLENTY of reasons to be cheerful for David Moyes and West Ham at the moment, having navigated their way through the 'murder month' of December, which involved operating WITHOUT ANY of the established back four for a whole sequence of games, the troubled waters seem to have rested in a pool of tranquility.

Last night against a relegation destined Norwich SOME players looked as if they had played a tough FA Cup cup game just three days before, whereas others like the diminutive Jarrod Bowen are causing serious concern at Duracell HQ, where they are worried that Bowen AND Pablo Fornals are in danger of usurping their 'bunny' as a demonstration of lasting longer and being stronger!

Bowen's performance will have added a few Million to his already rising value, as he scored two goals but could have had FIVE on a different night as Hammers put the visitors to the sword, although there were some nervy times during the match when the score was just 1-0. The Norwich goal seemed to be covered in cling film as the ball refused to end up in the back of the net without VAR interfering.

Hammers profligacy almost came back to bite their proverbial, however in the end Hammers were just too much for the visitors who were beguiled by the quality of Aaron Cresswell who played as if he had never been away. Returning for his first game since getting injured in the narrow defeat by Man City at the Etihad, Cresswell showed just how very important he is to the club as he proceeded to ping the ball around with aplomb.

After a shaky first half, Issa Diop 'suddenly' became the player he always has been but has hidden for far too long. Who knows what was said to him or how the message was delivered, but whatever was done needs to be repeated because in the 2nd half Diop was dominant and confident, he was even playing the ball out of defence AND making intelligent long range passes, an element of his game that had almost disappeared during his 'wilderness' times.

Last night was NOT an epic performance, but it WAS professional, it was the sort of game the team HAD to win in order to maintain its unlikely pursuit of the heady heights at the top of the Premier League. The 2-0 victory over Norwich also confirms West Ham will NOT be getting relegated this season, what would Newcastle give to be in the same position? They would LOVE to have so many 'reasons to be cheerful'. - Ed


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