Season Ticket Renewals Not Easy!

The 'window' for renewing West Ham season tickets closes on June the 14th at 5pm, for once the club won't need to hype the 'value' up, due to the club's highest ever Barclays Premier League points total meaning direct qualification to the Group stages of the Europa Cup, and th fact that fans have been starved of attending games for over a year.

Perhaps the 'true' number of people on the waiting list will be exposed during the renewals process, but one thing fans need to consider is the amount of time and effort it actually takes to renew, particularly if you are renewing more than one ticket.

The phone lines continue to be an absolute joke, and should only be used by those wishing to line ticketmaster's pockets even further courtesy of their exorbitant fees and time 'clients' are left waiting on the phone. Renewing on line brings it's own problems, the official sites will not let you log in with separate accounts, you have to remove the cookies from your browser in order to log in differently, otherwise it will keep trying to log you in to the primary account, and renewing 'associated' cards is not included in the renewals page.

If that isn't confusing enough, fans should be aware that the system is creaking already and is NOT going to get any better, so our advice is to renew now if you haven't already done so, otherwise you are going to get stuck in one hell of an internet traffic jam. - Ed



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I could see this coming, I renewed my tickets immediately, have to say no hassle at all.

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I also did mine from the off Dartford,it went through very smooth.

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