Sign'Ings'-Hammers Forgiven!

Having had their fingers burned, nay incinerated, with their signings of a catalogue of playing 'cripples', the West Ham hierarchy are obviously 'extremely concerned' with regards to future signings and to avoid similar mistakes. Now what seems a totally understandable course of action, does however have it's drawbacks.

To coin a couple of old cliches, 'once bitten, twice shy' and 'fortune favours the brave' can be applied to the club's transfer activities, Devil and the Deep blue sea, or a rock and a hard place? These terms can equally be used to describe the conundrum facing the Board and the manager ahead of the fast approaching new Barclays Premier League season.

In twelve years Danny Ings has played 298 games in all, scoring 108 goals during spells with Bournemouth, Burnley, Liverpool and Southampton, Ings also played 13 games while on loan at Dorchester Town, he went to the club in order to help regain his fitness following a lengthy spell on the side lines.

Essentially, Danny Ings seems to have spent more time injured than playing, although recently he has managed to play far more frequently. David Sullivan was quoted as saying he "wouldn't touch Ings with a bargepole" due to his injury record, Ings duly returned the 'compliment' by scoring a brace against West Ham the next time they played, it was his way of showing just how UNFIT he was!

At 28 years old, Ings still has some good miles left in the tank and will be available for a decent price as he moves into the last year of his contract at Southampton, the player has shown no sign of wanting to sign a new contract at St Mary's and the Saints are resigned to his leaving.

Has he forgiven David Sullivan? and can the club 'risk' signing another player with a dubious injury record? Hammers aren't exactly spoiled for choice when it comes to player acquisitions, especially strikers, due to the club's lack of funds. The way we see it is Hammers either have to sell their Talisman Declan Rice in order to rebuild, or the club has to tough it out for another year, which involves 'risky' signings like the proposed move for Ings.

Most fans would probably say "give us Ings over a carthorse like Haller any day of the week". It will be interesting to see how this one develops, beggars cannot be choosers, and Hammers are definitely beggars at this moment in time, Danny Ings? Yes please. - Ed



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No more raspberries required. Although I am a fan of a fit Ings.

Just as long as he isn't recommended to us by the same bloke who told Noah it wasn't going to rain!!

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Torn on this one. I like Ings and he could do a great job for us but the injuries he's had will probably sway the decision against. We've had too many crocks spoil the broth at WH and really have to avoid what would definately be the inevitable at WH. Injury curse? Nah we're cursed with terrible owners

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Ings and we will have Kane !!!!!

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