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Sound Hog Day-Sassuolo's Berardi

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Submitted by nevillenixon on Wed, 21/07/2021 - 15:52

Sassuolo's 26 year old striker, Domenico Berardi, is the latest in an incredibly long line of forwards being 'linked' with West Ham, the source of news about this most recent supposed target is a well respected journalist. Now recently there have been so many reports from 'respected journalists' that it raises a journalistic question.

How is it that there are so many 'respected journalists? During what is quite a long career in journalism, the amount of 'truly' respected journalists I have encountered can be counted on one hand. The words true and respected are about as far away from journalism as is humanly possible, where the adage is normally, never let the truth get in the way of a good story, so who is elevated to being respectable and why?

The reason 'respected' journalists are quoted, is in order for other 'journalists' to use or more commonly fabricate a story citing the 'respected' one as their source, usually from a publication or site written in a different language to ensure the bull is not detected. When it comes to West Ham rumours, we call it 'Soundhog day', every year a different story but with the same eventual outcome.

People aren't that stupid are they? Well of course they are, they are encouraged to lap up gossip at every opportunity by those clubs wanting to spin their fans a yarn, when it comes to that particular skill, West Ham can spin enough yarn to clothe a nation!

News of a 'potential' takeover is periodically 'leaked' to the media in order to 'keep fans informed', whereas the real reason is to add a little more smoke to the mirrors already firmly in place. The latest 'release' that has suddenly seeped out is of Liverpool's apparent interest in Hammers winger Jarrod Bowen, fans see interest in one of the current squad by a 'high flying' team as a source of pride and should feel gratified that the club have such players, seems to be the mind set of the club's hierarchy.

So you will excuse us if we take the 'latest' story doing the rounds with a truck load of salt, but we have been here before, there is as much chance of Domenico Berardi arriving at the London Stadium as there is of Lionel Messi, unless they are coming as guests for the Atalanta Betway Cup game! - Ed



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The point that you have made really chimes with me as most of the sites now act as an echo chamber simply repeating the same story over and over, regardless of the facts they are only looking for website hits.
Independence, Respect and Truth don't mean a thing these days. In the early days of the internet, I was like a kid in a candy store being able to access as much West Ham news as possible. Today I feel like the pendulum has swung 180° the other way and the majority of the news that greets me regarding my beloved West Ham is now migraine-inducing rubbish.

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The era of social media has killed the transfer window for excitement now. I ignore all the info about any player until you see them in a team shirt, whether ours of some other less worthy team.

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