Sturridge As Back Up Striker - Please No!

Having just got 'the most injury prone forward' in Barclays Premier League history off their books there are rumours that West Ham United want to swap one ex-Liverpool crock for another! Wasn't the 'Andy Carroll Experience' psychedelic enough for the board? Carroll cost the club just shy of £60 Million in wages and fees give or take the odd couple of million, ironically those who sanctioned his purchase had previously highlighted the 'Kieran Dyer' 'shameful experience'!

So given the insurmountable evidence of how unwise signing injury prone players can be, the club sanctioned the signing of Jack Wilshere at the beginning of last season, Jack is a wonderful footballer with amazing skills and attitude, unfortunately his body disagrees with that opinion and does it's best to keep him from playing. Now a certain Mr Sullivan wasn't best pleased that his newly appointed manager insisted on giving 'the wheel chair' a three year contract, he was even less well pleased when Jack got himself injured within the first month, essentially and eventually ruling himself out of the entire season save three games at the very end.

Fingers crossed Jack Wilshere can stay fit, if he does he can be a force, if he can't he will go down the familiar AC route and become a farce. Now given the history with Dyer, Carroll and Wilshere, one would think that those who matter when it comes to transfers will have learned from having their fingers well and truly burnt, actually incinerated! So why on this God's earth would anyone, with the possible exception of Talk Shite's Dean Saunders, think that anyone connected with the club would countenance a move to bring Andy Carroll Mk2, in the form of Daniel Sturridge , to West Ham United, even as a back up striker?

If there is any truth in this rumour, perhaps there is some lemming like affliction sweeping through Theydon Bois causing normal people to want to give all their hard earned to ex-Liverpool has beens desperate to avoid falling on hard times, but surely the Sullivan can be for turning? David does love a good bargain, but he has been fleeced relentlessly in the past by the all that glisters syndrome, remember Joe Hart, surely Sully must have learned his lesson by now?

Daniel Sturridge, thanks but no thanks. - Ed



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if not him then Welbeck both free yes big wages yes but as there will be no money left in the kitty unless he moves chicarito on we need strikers...try as we might Antonio is not a striker he is best out wide using his power and strength to terrorise opposition defences

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Ants up top,he will terrorise em with his swinging gonads

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Sign Sturridge and it will be a battle of the best silly dance moves with him and big mick.

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Lol 65,hes a true heavyweight,a demolition expert,will smash down any defensive wall.

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O/T ravel morrison has signed for the blunts,should be interesting.

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Oh I just love pre season someone give me a wok to fry my jacobs in.........................................

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Don't see it being a problem. What's the worst that could happen??????????

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