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Sullivan And Billic Decided Moses Was A Better Option Than Adebayour

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Submitted by nevillenixon on Wed, 16/09/2015 - 21:22

There was much media coverage as to whether Emmanuel Adebayour would join West Ham United from Tottenham Hotspur on transfer deadline day, but now it transpires that Slaven Billic elected to splash the cash on Victor Moses on loan from Chelsea FC instead. Billic had an hour long meeting with Adebayour, but was unimpressed with the amount of desire shown by the much travelled striker, consequently he phoned Hammers co-owner David Sullivan and confirmed that he believed in the recovery program set in place for Carroll, Zarate and Valencia and that there was no need to panic given the propensity of power and pace he had available on the counter attack from the rest of the team. It is believed that Billic was so encouraged by Andy Carroll's rehabilitation that he sanctioned a move for a wide player instead of a striker, so confident he was about 'big Andy's' ability to finally show why the club paid a record £15 Million for the mercurial striker, and it also showed how confident he was in the amount of time and effort spent bringing the geordie boy back on to the field had been worthwhile. - Ed



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Two different issues there, we all hope Carroll can stay fit as we know how he, at his best, can often terrorise defences. But given his injury record anything we get from him is a bonus as far as I am concerned. He CANNOT be considered our main striker and he CANNOT expect to walk back into the side. I sincerely hope Bilic saw how Allardyce used him 100% of the time after his last return from injury, and saw the result of that. Though to be fair to Sam he didn't have many options; we do now.

As to signing the 2 wingers, I can only express my delight. Since Downing left I was desperate to have him replaced, and suddenly at the end of the window we get TWO!! And 2 who I'm sure will both give us more than Downing ever did. They can both, for instance, play up front in an emergency, not a job one could ever see Downing doing.
As to Adebayor: very talented but over paid, plays when he wants, type player? Dodged a bullet there, as I don't think he would have had a good affect on dressing room morale.

BTW, Nev, that new poll isn't working for me, I just get "the form has become outdated" message, and even relogging doesn't cure it.

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