Things To Do With The Football Season Cancelled

How bored will you be with the football season being canceled? The coronavirus pandemic has wreaked havoc in the sports calendar world, leading to the cancellation of major sporting events, including football. Those that have not been canceled have been postponed to future dates. These disruptions have caused a sense of loss and confusion to all football fans who are used to following the matches, track the stats, and cheering their favorite teams on the arena.

If you are one of those fans who's feeling the impact after the cancellation of football matches, here are some ideas for killing boredom until the football season resumes. These tips will help you survive the lockout when things get tough. Some of these involve engaging in other sporting activities, while others are a little more practical.

Indoor Tennis Ball Football

If you were in a school where the guards valued maintaining the window panes in good shape than producing the next Didier Drogba, then you're not new to playing indoor tennis ball like a football. With the lockdown upon us, you can improvise the same way the only difference being that you'll turn one of your rooms into a pitch. You can use houseplants, umbrella stands, or lampstands as your goalposts, and play against your roommate, family member, or your girlfriend. But if you live alone with your cat or dog, you can as well make him your opponent.

Martial Arts

During this lockdown break, many people are likely to gain weight and become since there's no going out for a jog or visiting the gym. Things don't have to get to that extreme for you, however. You can follow some of the world's leading martial artists on YouTube and learn some moves. The good thing about learning martial arts during the lockdown period is that you get to learn a new idea while at the same time keeping fit.

Yoga and Meditation

Taking up meditation and yoga is a great way to relieve stress, and especially the COVID-19 period. The growth in technology makes it even more accessible and enjoyable since you can take up yoga classes online. Not only that, but there're are meditation apps that give you free trial sessions with endless breathing sessions and relaxing soundscapes.

During these uncertain times, it's easy for anxious thoughts to take over, hindering you from sleeping well. What's a better way to lull you to sleep amid these surreal times than have a celebrity read you a sweet bedtime story? When it comes to yoga, you can take your lessons online by beaming the videos directly in your living room. The good news is that yoga is suitable for people of all ages, you can, therefore, watch and practice with your entire family. At the end of lockdown, you will have gained muscle strength, flexibility, and improved the overall mental health.

Take a Nap

In a world where the global economy is shifting at lightning speed, many industries require their employees to work for more hours. While this is essential if the company wants to meet customer demands and keep up with the competition, it also deprives you enough time to rest. The effects of over-exhaustion on your health are lethal. Make use of the current lockdown to rest as much as you can. You will be surprised at how productive you'll be after all this is over, and your body is fully recovered from weeks of exhaustion.

Facetime with Friends and Family

If you are the social type that enjoys hanging out with friends, then you must be starting to get desperate for a conversation. The lockdown has made connecting one on one with your buddies difficult but not impossible. Now is the time to make use of video apps to call your friends and extended family members, especially your grandparents. Most of these people will appreciate having someone to talk to after being all alone in their apartment due to the ongoing lockdown.

Bottom Line

This lockdown doesn't have to be boring at all. Find useful things you can do indoors with your family, such as those discussed above. You can also play video games and other valuable activities, such as decluttering your home.



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Ive been watching box sets on netfix never got round to watching them before.
breaking bad
better call saul
the sopranos

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Look for the box set called NARCOS its the true story of Pablo Escobar and other super drug lords in Colombia.Yes it is subtitled and also some parts where English is spoken but trust me it is incredible and the fact its true even more so

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Cheers HG thanks for the tip x

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very blood thirsty but worth a watch

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