Unusual 'Generosity' By Sullivan

In what initially seems like an extraordinary gesture of 'generosity', West Ham United co-owner and majority share holder David Sullivan has vowed to retain the 'cream' of the club's players despite the massively challenging financial situation brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic. Hurrah, but what does he actually mean and what are the reasons behind his proclamation?

Firstly, it is entirely likely that big wham bam thank you mam transfers will be a thing of the past for all but the most elite of clubs, secondly transfer monies still owed will be subject to renegotiation with the threat of 'goods' being returned, which in the case of West Ham might make for a less than traumatic transfer window when it eventually re-opens, due to the fact that the club are not owed any substantial funds but actually owe quite a bit!

The reason for the 'Declan Rice' is not for sale notice is that his value has probably halved from as much as £85 Million, similarly the value of Issa Diop, coveted by Jose Mourinho, will have also dropped from £60 Million to half of that. It is therefore clear to a shrewd businessman like David Sullivan that selling 'product' that has a long shelf life at a reduced price would not make any sense, rather get rid of 'old stock' of which the club has plenty.

The currently imbalanced squad that David Moyes has at his disposal is a combination of young players with great potential veterans who are nearing the end of their career's and over priced 'mistakes' that need to be moved on no matter what, if there are any takers, if not they need to be paid off if possible.

Ngakia, Diangana, Johnson, Holland, Silva, Dju, Coventry, Cardoso, Anang and Trott are all realistic first team prospects, with Ngakia already firmly established at right back in his manager's eyes. The U-23 team has been nothing short of inspirational, and winning breeds winning, so the principle of retaining the youth players and getting rid of some of the 'imports' who have a relatively high value seems to be the direction the club is going in. High earners like Andrily Yarmolenko, and of course Jack Wilshere, Carlos Sanchez and GaGo should become a thing of the past, the 'experiment' at trying to get to the 'next level' having failed miserably leaving the club with a bloated over age squad on high wages!

When football eventually returns, expect David Moyes' team to feature several new YOUNG faces and several exits from the norm, essentially it is the only way forward for a club like West Ham, and when you think about it how many of the club's greatest players have been 'home grown'? Sometimes you have to go back before going forwards! - Ed



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Unfortunately it depends on what Sully determines as the "cream" Could be the opposite to the above!

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