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Wenger Helped Wilshere Secure Irons Deal

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Submitted by nevillenixon on Sat, 24/10/2020 - 09:06

Arsene Wenger gave Wilshere his Arsenal debut in 2008, and remains a useful source of advice, the pair spoke about his West Ham situation and will probably do so again before the midfielder decides on his new club. Ah that's nice, Jack's mentor is helping him out, but why exactly?

Jack Wilshere gave a sympathy interview to the BBC in which he stated how 'let down' he felt by West Ham United, the club he has supported all his life. The following text is indicative of just how deluded the former England striker has become, it also shows that 'Arsene' colluded with Jack to fleece the Irons for as much as he could ahead of the separation.
"I spoke to Arsene when we were negotiating everything with West Ham and he was helpful. When the time is right, as and when I have some options, where they are and what would be best for me, he would probably be the one I would call, yes. I have been fully fit for a while but without games you don't get up to speed or get the minutes you need. In a year's time, I would like to have 20-25 games behind me at a new club and be looking forward to the future. I feel I have much more to give. I just want to be given the opportunity to show it."

Didn't Wenger do enough damage flogging Freddie Ljungberg to the club? He has never liked West Ham since his bust up with Alan Pardew back in the day, and it seems he wants to 'put the boot in' at every opportunity, perhaps he might suggest Jack joins Arsenal's medical team, after all he has had enough experience in the treatment room!

Badmouthing your former team when you have just fleeced them for nigh on £15 Million is not only disrespectful, it shows a case of extreme narcissism and complete lack of style. - Ed



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on Nev,self pitying git was going to say walks away with loads of money,strange no team in England want him perhaps arsehole can fix him up abroad

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only be able to do that once as he would break a leg getting out !!!!!!!!!!

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