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What is the best time to place a live bet?

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Submitted by nevillenixon on Mon, 20/03/2023 - 15:02

Are you interested in placing a live bet on the Irons? One key trait of winners is being able to identify when to place their bet, especially in live football betting. Football matches have various phases and situations, with one team dominating at times only to face sudden setbacks. These shifts in fortune can affect odds in favour of teams that have recently drawn or even won after making a comeback, such as having higher values than teams who just lost after making their comeback.

Therefore, being able to wait, assess the situation, and refer back to previously analysed data becomes paramount for placing the best bet. Considering any emerging scenarios, skilled bettors typically wait until the last 15 minutes of a game to place their bets. In Italy, this time frame is referred to as "Zona Cesarini," where statistics show that most goals are scored with losing teams making every effort to equalize or even win.

Although this could lead to riskier bets, it also offers a potential gain due to an increase in the losing team’s odds. On the other hand, one may choose a more secure outcome; however, bear in mind that winning teams typically experience significantly lowered live odds.

So, before you put some money on the Irons and bet live, let’s discuss a few key points to consider.

Key Statistics to Consider Before Placing a Live Bet

Analysing team statistics is critical when placing successful live bets in soccer. Here are some key numbers you should consider before placing your live wager:

Possession Statistics:

Possession is a crucial factor in soccer as it determines how many scoring chances a team has. By analysing possession statistics, you can tell which team is dominating play and likely to score next.

Shots on Goal:

The number of shots a team takes on goal is an important indicator of their attacking prowess. Teams with more shots on target tend to score more often, so keep an eye on this statistic when placing live bets.

Corner Kicks:

Corner kicks can lead to scoring chances, so it’s worth monitoring which team wins more corners and if they are converting them into goals.

Yellow and Red Cards:

The number of cards a team receives can influence the game’s outcome, especially if one player is sent off. Teams with a numerical disadvantage are less likely to score goals, so it’s worth taking this into account when placing live bets.

Recent Form:

A team’s recent form can be an indicator of their confidence and capacity to win games. Analysing each team’s recent form, including its last few matches, can give you a good indication of its current level of play.

Head-to-head record:

Analysing a team’s head-to-head record can give you insight into their history and how they match up against one another. If one team has an especially impressive record against its opponent, it may have greater odds of winning the game.


Is it better to bet live or before?

Sportsbooks find live betting to be a significantly more challenging issue than pregame betting. This is because there is a lot of potential value to be gained by simply observing the game as it unfolds. However, casual bettors often make the mistake of assuming that a team with a lead of two scores is a safe bet.
How do bet winnings work?

The payout for sports betting is determined by the type of odds that are being used. It’s crucial to understand that payouts typically incorporate the amount of money that you wagered. For instance, if you bet £170 on the Cowboys to win at -170 odds, the payout will be £270. Nevertheless, the actual profit, or the amount of money that you win, is £100.
Can you bet on sports without money?

A free bet is a type of wager that you can place without utilizing your own money. For example, many online sports betting sites provide free bets as an incentive to get new customers to sign up. With a free bet, you can choose the sport, game, and type of bet you want to place, just as you would with a bet that involves real money.
How much of my money should I bet?

Divide your initial bankroll into equal units to establish the appropriate betting amount for each game. This designated number will become your unit size, which signifies the amount of money that you will wager on every game. A reasonable guideline is to bet between 1% and 5% of your bankroll.
What is the most predictable sport to bet on?

Football is widely regarded as one of the most predictable sports when it comes to betting. Due to its widespread popularity, there is an abundance of information that can be analysed and utilized for making predictions. Additionally, football matches are played almost every day around the world.



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But i admit the temptation must be hard to resist if you are what with all the adverts constantly thrown at you prematch at halftime and so forth....back in the day my Dad used to have a 10p E/W yankee on the horses as his bit of fun after a hard weeks work honestly do not rmbr him winning and i will never forget him telling me Son when going into a bookies the thing to look at are the Windows to pay the bet in and the ones that were for paying out....whilst there were always 4/5 for paying in there was only 1 for paying out...never forgot that and apart form a couple of quid on the lottery maybe once twice a month i thankfully do not have the bug to gamble and sympathise with those who struggle with what can be a terrible addiction that not only affects the gambler but also there loved ones

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I remember when I was 16 we used to do a 10p yankee and it provided a real rush for 10p! How times have changed? You know we have to run these 'articles' sometimes, to pay for our server but the amount of betting ads are excessive in our culture, in Spain all the adverts are for cleaning products!

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Surely it's gotta be with around 5 mins to go on the clock, we're almost certain to conceded either an equalizer or late winner

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Of "Match Betting" which involves taking the free offers and laying bets off, so the best times are about ten minutes before KO and during the half time break for me. Horse racing, about five minutes before the off. I'm now banned or restricted by many bookies but still have a couple running and I made a lot of money from it. Just wish I'd had more belief in the system when I started as I could have made a lot more.
Straight betting is a mugs game.

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