What If...Hammers Go Down By 1 Point!

. The Barclays Premier League resurrected itself with yesterday's contribution to football, a nation deprived of their favourite sport sat down collectively to watch what was on offer, and it is fair to say the viewing experience wil take some getting used to! Arsenal were swept aside by Manchester City no doubt aided by David Luis' decision to take an early bath with his recklessness. However despite the completely different match day experience, some things remain the same, controversy lurks around most games and the one between fellow relegation strugglers Aston Villa and European hopefuls Sheffield United proved to be a classic example.

As millions with 'eyes' saw, The Blades were blatantly denied a bona fide goal due to inefficiencies with the normally perfect Hawk-Eye system, the system's manufacturers have apologised without reservation for the error which could have a very significant bearing on the outcome of the League. Relegation from the top flight is estimated at costing clubs around £100 million per season once parachute payments are taken into account, however that figure does not include the 'collateral damage' caused by players wanting to leave and those refusing to sign contract extensions.

Strangely enough the 'victims' of last night's technical breakdown were Sheffield United, the loss of at least two points might make the difference between European football and not, but the point gained by Villa could have a massive significance down at the foot of the table. Back in the days of West Ham United's 'Great Escape', the club were fined £5 Million for fielding the ineligible Carlos Tevez, having survived the dreaded drop, the club were then successfully sued by one of the clubs that were relegated, Sheffield United, for in excess of £20 Million, The Blades missing out on survival by one point. They, with an enormous amount of media pressure from one of their directors, Sean Bean's, pal's, argued that Tevez's goals had kept West Ham United up unfairly, so what if, heaven forbid, the Irons get relegated this season by one point?

The proverbial can of worms is just waiting to be opened, and the providers of Hawk-Eye will be praying with everything crossed, that The Irons or in fact any other club in the drop zone, don't get relegated by one point and Villa survive, the outcry would be deafening. Any club relegated by such a fine margin would be forced to seek legal redress. We consulted a corporate lawyer who is an Irons fan, and he confirmed that the company secretary of any professional Football would be legally obliged to pursue the matter through the courts, it is enshrined in UK company law that the Company secretary will at all times act in the interests of the company, it's directors and it's shareholders if applicable.

Villa might have gained a point, but it might come back to haunt not only them, but all the other clubs down at the wrong end of the Barclays Premier League, including a team with a nearly £ 30 Million grudge that is West Ham United. - Ed



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well, Im the sort that doesn't look to blame others for our own mess. we're here because we've been bad. we've got a chance to get out of it, so lets do our own work and not rely on ghost goals etc not happening. if we go down by one point, it won't be due to that, it will be due to a season of poor work.

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as decisions go this is the worst I have seen since Johnson thought it a great idea to protect the NHS and send hundreds of covid elderly to PPE free care homes!

That ball was completely over the line regardless of the chip technology or even VAR, what the hell was the ref doing? The man must be suffering from the same eyesight issues as Dominic Cummings... I recommend he drives to Bernard Castle and stays there!

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Lol!!!!! Well said dartford,you didnt need technology to see this one,should of been looked at at half time and given,it was that far over the line,and yes that could be the point that may cost us.

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Well if it's that point that sends us down i'm sure the blunt fans would be ecstatic.if it dont and they miss out on europe due two 2 pts then Sean Bean will lead the blunt fans to Westminster with kleenex as there sponsor.

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